13 Must Have Applications For A Nokia (Symbian) Mobile Phone User


Smartphones are becoming more and more common these days. The reason being, cheap mobile phone deals and increasing needs of mobile phone users. Now, there are times when people, despite of possessing a smart-phone, are not able to use it to its potential. Therefore, i decided to list down some of the most useful applications that a person would want to have installed in his/her mobile phone. Before going through the list, i want you to know that i am a symbian user and therefore there might be some applications that may not be available on any other platform. So, here goes the list:

  1. Opera Browser – This includes opera mini and opera mobile. The reason for including opera mini is that it provides server side compression which helps in faster loading of pages. Opera mobile on the other hand is a full browsing client and can be easily used as a replacement of Mobile’s native browser.
  2. Gravity – This beauty is a must must have for any symbian user. It provides easy access to Twitter, Facebook, Google reader, etc. It’s a must have application for twitter addicts.
  3. Gmail – Not many would justify inclusion of this application in “must have” list. But, my only reason of including this application was the function of ‘Archieve’ and ‘Search’ provided by google’s own application. And as far as i know, no other client including emoze and Nokia Messaging has these 2 highly useful functions.
  4. Fring – IM client is required be every smartphone user. Though, nimbuzz is not bad at all, however, i prefer Fring as i have had some bad experiences with Nimbuzz. All in all both are equally good with some minor feature difference.
  5. BlackBaller – Your personal secretary serving multiple purposes. This application is a real money and time saver. Just enable it and avoid all spam/unwanted calls, sms, use it as answering machine to record messages, etc.
  6. Mobile Office Suite – The ultimate application for opening/editing documents on your mobile phone. And unlike, Quick Office, it also allows you to access, edit and upload documents to Google Docs!
  7. Google Maps – This is recommended only for those who don’t have the privilege of nokia’s free ovi maps with voice navigation. Though Google Maps doesn’t provide voice navigation, however it still is a must have app.
  8. X-plore – This application has varied uses. It can be used to extract zip files, rar files, hiding file’s, viewing hidden file’s, exploring system (mobile) file’s, etc. Though, i shouldn’t have included it in “must have” list but since i uses it occasionally and therefore put it down in this list.
  9. Free Signer – Very useful in signing and installing application’s whose signed version isn’t available. You can read about it more here and here.
  10. Wattpad – E-book reader for symbian/windows/blackberry/java/android phones. Let’s you view and download e-books for free on your mobile phone. Also allows offline reading. More information about this application can be found here.
  11. SmartMovie – Although i consider the native real player provided by Nokia. However, i still don’t get it, the reason for not supporting .avi format. And for this reason, i recommend SmartMovie. Besides some glitches (Like SmartMovie crashing – Solution can be found here), it’s a nice player to run .avi files.
  12. E-Moze – An alternative to Nokia Messaging. It has all the feature’s that i wanted to be in Nokia Messaging. Pop-up’s, ability to control interval, integration with nokia’s native sms application. But, not many would agree with me. And all those who don’t, please just give this beautiful app a try!
  13. Furtiv – Furtiv isn’t an application, it’s a website that provides plugin’s (Settings) that can be installed on you mobile phone. The plugin integrates itself with Nokia Share Online and allows you to upload images directly to Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and Facebook with the touch of a button!

The above mentioned application’s are my personal recommendation, the one’s i think are a must for all the mobile phone users. In case you think that some application is missing in this list or should not have been mentioned here, then do leave a comment below!


  1. Indeed !! You are a life saver. Remote Professional did show its magic. I wish it had remote file transfer option as well, like in team viewer. I am happy that, I can now record mobile screen video with Fraps. Thankyou so much Paritosh. Keep up the good work.

  2. The problem with Airtel 3G is upload speed. Streaming videos using Qik results in lagging streams not worth watching.

    Regarding video capturing utility, I am searching for it since a long time now. No result 🙁 And for viewing/controlling mobile screen from laptop you can try out Remote Professional from mobileways (developer of Gravity!).

  3. Hi Paritosh. I appreciate your quick response. Very much active site.

    I hope Nokia would soon come up with a solution to AR apps or else we would be able to see a fall happening in this competitive world.

    I was not aware of the problem Qik has with Airtel 3G. I have Nokia X6, RM-559. It worked fine for me with Airtel. (Qik ver : 1.0.68). With Skype taking over Qik, I hope Skype would soon bring a symbian app with video calling feature which could possibly stamp out the Airtel problem.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this.
    I was wondering if you could help me suggest an application that could record mobile screen video (unlike screensnap for capturing screen picture) ?

    Else, an application with which I could see the mobile screen preview in my laptop.

    –> I got a mobile client for Mobiola Screen Capture but not for pc and
    –> As with Image Expo (which was not able to detect my phone : a total failure). I am not sure if that is the right app as I could not find the pc client software nor a better app. I believe you will know this and hope you would help. Thanks.

  4. You do have some good suggestion in your list. However there is a reason why I did not include some of the apps mentioned above:
    1. myExplorer/SmartCam – It’s good for phone’s with wifi and not every phone has wifi connectivity.
    2. Qik – I tried it but unfortunately it was a disaster when used with Airtel 3G. Horrible upload speed forced my uninstall the app.
    3. Netqin Antivirus (Security)/TuneWiki/Adobe PDF LE – I have already shared these apps. Netquin, A full suite app was shared earlier. But I believe symbian phone aren’t prone to virus attacks.
    4. Photo 3D/iPics – Not actively developed and is buggy.

    AR apps for Nokia have along way to go. AR apps need good, solid processor which Nokia is slowly coming up with.

  5. Firstly, i have to say that this is one of the best sites for an s60v5 user. I like all the suggestions mentioned. Especially E-Moze and furtiv and even the Widgetizer in one of the other post of yours. They really helped. However, I could not find a few of my favourite 3rd party apps.

    I consider these to be equivalently essential:

    1. myExplorer (Files over Wifi): I could not find any better application to browse through or handle files in my laptop over LAN or WLAN (Wifi). [X-plore has its own better functionalities and advantages]

    2. Qik : Stream and upload videos directly from mobile on your go.

    3. RAMblow (Utility): Free up cache memory. Its a must have application for my crawling N-X6.

    4. Netqin Antivirus (Security) : I personally feel that it is the best antivirus (Better than Kaspersky). Very user friendly.

    5. SmartCam : It is an interesting application. When connected to my laptop over Wifi, I use it as a security device. Triggers and alerts on motion detection.

    6. TuneWiki: I would say that Smart Movie is the best video player till date. However, for music, Tunewiki is my choice. With synced lyrics and lot more hidden features.

    7.Adobe PDF LE : For opening pdf files. Of course, mobile Documents can do that.

    8. Photo 3D: I was not able to find any other app that could convert jpg file (any photograph you take) to a 3d image (3d wiggle effect).

    9. iPics: Is an interactive picture gallery. Touch phone users can play with the pictures in your

    SymTorrent, ScreenSnap, Phone torch and even Ion Battery Timer or (Battery Monitor) can be important for someone like me because my battery backup is really terrible. I need to know at what time my mobile needs the next recharge.
    As far as Nokia is concerned, AR (Augmented Reality) applications have a long way to go. So, I am not adding Layar or Wikitude to the list today.

  6. hey Paritosh…the list u provided is very useful. i am using nokia e63 and i want to know if there is any offline mapping application for s60v3 to use with an external gps receiver as you know google maps has a lot of data usage and u can’t use it in travel because of low network coverage.

  7. Where is download link of all these stuffs 🙂 if possible plz ZIP them and give mediafire link…

  8. I respect your choice but seriously Gravity is much much better.. GPS positioning, image uploading, etc. Snaptu has no such features. Moreover, snaptu sometimes stucks when switching from portrait view to landscape (and vice-versa).


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