Acer Mulling Smartphone With Personal Cloud Service


All the PC makers are feeling the heat after advent of smartphones and tablet PC. Sales of conventional PC’s are dwindling and technology giant like Microsoft’s quarterly profit fell a greater-than-expected 22 per cent, as sales of computers running its Windows operating system have dipped considerably.

In such a scenario, personal computer makers can’t take this development lightly and have to expand their products portfolio to remain afloat in a very fast changing technology of computing. As reported by a Taiwan based website, Acer is planning to introduce mid-level smartphones in the market. But the problem being faced by Acer is that smartphone market is already crowded and the leading brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC have captured the niche market and it will be difficult for Acer to compete with these brands in high-end smartphones. Acer has not that kind of brand equity as far as mobility business is concerned as its contemporary companies like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC are having.

Acer’ earlier attempt with smartphones has not been successful as they were of poor design and lacked convincing features. But now, Acer has planned to join the rat race with more aggression by introducing CloudMobile smartphone series featuring a personal cloud service. Acer will  provide personal cloud services as the new feature for its CloudMobile S500 smartphone to establish its unique feature from the available smartphones in the market.

The firm plans to introduce six new models, including entry-level and mid-range models for its Liquid series in 2013. In particular, among the six new products, five will adopt Google’s Android platform while one of the product will use Windows 8.

Acer’s CloudMobile S500 will allow users to use mobile phones to play and store any music and office files saved on PCs. Photographs taken by the phone can also be sent to PCs at home or to designated notebook.

Acer’s brave attempt to come out with personal cloud service on its smartphone will face stiff competition from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox who  have personal cloud services close to maturity. Initially, Acer will be targeting markets such as Europe, China and Southeast Asia to start with and later on expand its wings in other markets depending upon the response received from these markets. Acer may succeed with its venture of new smartphones or its foray may boomerang, but they are left with no option but to give a solid try to survive in the long run.


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