Apple Developing iPhone Phablet & Big Screen iPad


Big screen on smartphone is the latest trend. Its trendsetter Korean giant Samsung is getting rich dividends by selling its Galaxy range of S4 having 5 inch display and Note II devices. Apple is stuck with 4 inch display of its iPhone and to catch-up with this fast emerging reality when the customers are using their smartphones for using Apps and watching content besides calling, it will have to come with big screen smartphone to meet the expectations of the future users.


The Californian tech giant Apple Inc., and its Asian suppliers are testing smartphone screens larger than four inches and tablet screens slightly less than 13 inches, the Wall Street Journal has reported, without naming the suppliers. The big screen iPad will eliminate the need of laptops and ultrabooks to some extent.

Samsung, which has released a series of handsets and tablets with increasingly larger screens, has seen its global market rise as consumers flock to their products putting Apple under pressure to follow suit.

Currently, the iPhone 5 has a four-inch screen, compared with Samsung’s S4, an improved version of the South Korean company’s popular predecessor the S3 and which boasts a five-inch screen, and which is selling like hot cakes in all the markets. Similarly, Samsung is selling in good numbers its another big screen Galaxy device – Galaxy Note II. These devices are aptly called phablets because they do the work of a smartphone and a tablet.

Apple is under pressure also because unlike Samsung it has no variety to offer for its iPhones for different segmetns of the market for smartphones and tablets. Samsung has various models of Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets from entry level to high-end segment. Samsung has started another trend to offer various variants of its highly successful Galaxy S4 smartphones. Recently, Samsung has introduced compact version, water-proofed,High camera pixel versions of its S4 smartphone.

In order to catch-up with fast paced Samsung and to remain relevant in changed environment, Apple will have to fine tune its strategy of coming out with big screen iPhone and iPad tablets in various sizes, configurations and price range. In order to remain a leader, Apple should be able to meet the demands of all types of customers and only then, they can move their boxes in good number and capture the maximum market share.


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