Celebrate Holy Ramadan With BlackBerry Apps


Ramadan is one of the most holy months for Muslims. In this age of smartphones, BlackBerry has taken a leap ahead and introduced apps that will help you to observe these 30 days with a sense of purity and take you a little closer to god.


image004 (2)
This app features current time and highlights the next prayer name and time. It also supports 5 different prayer calculation methods. In addition the application supports staying active while the screen is locked during Azaan.
Price: Rs. 50/-

Quran Player

image005 (2)
This app allows the user to have access to the holy Quran. It is a complete audio library that can be heard while on the go.
Price: Free

Ramadan Joy

image006 (1)
Ramadan Joy theme is an elegant theme with really inspiring Islamic artworks and authentic Islamic textures for the holy month of Ramadan.
Price: Rs. 50/-


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