Find Ip Address And Server Location Of Any Blog (Site) On The Web


Bloggers quite often like to find ip address and server location of their blog’s. They may require this information to find out the total number of sites/blogs hosted on the same ip address as their’s is or to determine whether their ip address has been blacklisted or not. There is a simple way to determine the ip adress of your own blog by simply logging into your hosting account.

However, this way you can determine only your own blog’s ip address. In order to know the ip address of someone else’s blog (site), there is a nice little ajax based website that lets to know the ip address of any site/blog on the web. All you need to do is visit the site 81solutions, key in the web address (any) and you will know the ip address of that address within seconds. Besides letting you know the ip address, it also shows the location of server on google maps.
In short, you can find ip address and server location of any wordpress blog /website by just typing in the domain name and hitting the enter button !


Visit 81solutions to know your blog’s ip address and server location.


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