Google Hummingbird Algorithm Will Change The Business


The new search algorithm that has been launched by Google is called Hummingbird and it is poised to change the way every business, both big and small, operates on the web. This new search algorithm is said to return search results more efficiently and accurately.

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It has been built with a combination of both old and new components and has been devised to cater to the differing search today, as opposed to the dated algorithm that is limited in comparison. All search engine optimisation companies in Melbourne are now changing their strategies in order to help clients rank and position their business better. Here are some insights as to how Google’s Hummingbird algorithm will affect your business in the long run.

It takes user intent into consideration and not just keywords

It is always more meaningful to ask a question where search is concerned. The focus has now shifted from singular words to the intention behind these words. Hummingbird takes many parameters into account to produce better results, such as the context of the search, location, platform, conversation cues, timeliness, device, as well as other hyper-local factors.

The new algorithm helps provide your website with increased qualified leads, rather than just simply traffic. Search engine optimisation companies in Melbourne will now stress on relevant and engaging content creation as part of your SEO strategy, in addition to traditional keyword placement.

Authority and authorship take center focus

Content is the main focus now of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. Authorship is being given more importance. It is now easier for Google to connect content to authors that have written it. This has stemmed from the new Google+ authorship attributions.

Therefore search engine optimisation companies in Melbourne will create your Google+ profile of your business, will ensure that it is up-to-date and that it includes attributions for the content that you have created. This will make Hummingbird assume that your business is an authority in its field. What is most important though is that your content is relevant and valuable, and answers the questions that people are asking.

Relevant content gets shared across social media platforms and increases eyeballs. Search engine optimisation companies in Melbourne therefore have stopped focusing on short-term SEO strategies, but on long-term strategies instead, that establish your authority through relationships, quality content, and social interactions.

The mobile experience is paramount

The mobile experience is truly the future. Mobile users need faster, more relevant results almost immediately. This insight had led Google’s Hummingbird algorithm to put the mobile experience as paramount focus. There are several mobile users who are using voice searches like Siri to ask complex questions that they need relevant answers to.

Many small businesses assume that just because they do not have an ecommerce website, they do not need to focus on the digital aspect of communication. But it is vital to have a strong, relevant presence in the digital space where people who are using a mobile phone can locate you.

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Author : Alisa Martin, based in Australia



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