LG Is Also Rumoured To Be Working On Smartwatch


It is quite evident that all the pioneers of smartphones and its operating systems, are of the opinion that smartwatch is going to be big thing in the future and hence focusing their energies and resources to develop it. Recently, there were rumors that Apple Inc., Google and Samsung, are working on smartwatches. To join this crowd, the rumors have surfaced that another Korean giant LG Electronics, is also working on its next generation smartwatch to compete with Apple, Samsung and Google.

Of late, LG has become very aggressive with its smartphone business and after huge success of its Optimus series of smartphones, it does not want to leave the opportunity of smartwatch arena, which is going to be the trend in the coming months. If the technology giants like Google, Samsung and Apple are putting their efforts on this device then LG, which is  fast catching up with smartphone race, want to run if not fast at-least at par with other stalwarts for smartwatch segment.

Besides wearable  smartwatches, the Korea Times report has suggested that  LG may be working on “an innovative smart product” similar to Glass, the smartphone-like glasses Google is developing. The report doesn’t provide much detail on that device, but if there are rumors then something must be going on in R&D center of LG and this time LG does not want to be left behind.

In the coming days, we can expect more news and rumours emanating about many smart devices being developed by other companies like Sony, HTC and Chinese companies like Huawei, ZTE and Lenova etc. One can expect many smart devices besides smartphones and tablets in 2013!


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