LG Launches New Range Of Air Conditioners With Advanced Inverter Technology


LG Electronics India has announced super advanced, efficient and comfortable air conditioners, which are stylish in design, energy efficient and ensures faster cooling. The new range of air conditioners based are on Inverter V technology will make its users comfortable in this scorching summer of 2012 and years to come.

The new range of LG Air conditioner has 62 new RAC models based on innovative Inverter V technology, which provides powerful cooling with surprisingly low electricity consumption. The user can save upto 66% energy and with LG Star rated Split AC, upto 38% can be saved on the electricity bill and this is considerable saving keeping in view of very high cost of electricity tariffs.

The LG Inverter V compressor is faster, equipped with variable speed  and more powerful than that of conventional ACs. The compressor’s speed adjusts constantly to even temperature fluctuation in the room, thus maintaining desired temperature levels at all times. These A/c’s also  have the world’s lowest noise level and its users can enjoy its cooling without getting distracted by any noise.

The new range of A/C’s uses the most advanced air filters like the cyclotron plasma which removes dust and germs with 30% more efficiency. These A/C’s releases pure and clean air without switching on the compressor which means that the electricity consumption will be very low and you can get pure and clean air round the clock. LG A/C’’s uses a very powerful rotary compressor which can run even when the temp goes up to 54 degree and does not trip, best suited for the Indian conditions.


  • Inverter V A/C’s is available in Hot n Cold & Cooling only series in 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 ton in the price range of Rs. 42,990 to Rs.77,990
  • Split A/C’s are available in Inverter V, L-Stylus, L-Energia, L-Nova, L-Maxima,  L-Aura, L-Tiara and L-Ultra series in the capacities of 0.75 to 2 ton available at price range of Rs.22,290 to Rs.77,990/-.
  • Window A/C’s are available in Winta, Crescent, Prima, Gratis and Bliss series in the capacities of 0.75 to 2 ton available at price range of Rs. 17,990 to Rs. 33,090/-.
  • Hot n Cold Split A/C’s is available in capacity of 1.5 ton priced at Rs. 41,990 -Rs. 43,490/-.

With the launch of these state of the art air conditioners, LG expect to capture 30% market share in this segment by the end of 2012. LG will give tough competition to other manufacturers of ACs and its Hot & Cold Split AC will try to overtake  All Weather Split AC launched by Voltas in this season.


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