Unlock Hidden Themes In Windows 7


People using windows 7  know about the HD themes provided within the interface. And I in my opinion I  must admit that the themes provided are of superior quality and after those i don’t need my old desktop backgrounds or themes. Today i share with you a simple way to find some hidden themes  in your windows 7.
Before tweaking
n Windows 7 there are a set of additional themes you can add which are hidden. Here i will tell you few easy steps to tweak and add them :-

  1. First activate show hidden files and folder option from organize in My computer.
  2. Now open any folder window or My computer type this name in the top address bar “Windows\Globalization\MCT\“.
  3. Now you will see 5 folders ,enter any 1 of the folders ,then go to the theme folder and double click the file in it.(you will notice the theme being applied and set)
  4. Now repeat the same for the remaining 4 folders and whoop you are done.
  5. The themes thus added will automatically be added to the other themes.

After tweaking
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