VOxOx 2 is Here !


At last! VoxOx 2 launched this week and has hit the ground running.

Use it to make free calls worldwide, take a call, add video to that call, start a chat, send a text, send an IM,get a fax, send a fax, save a contact, do…. whatever. Get VoxOx 2 and make communication, well ,easy.

voxoxAll in one instant messaging !

No more logging in, changing windows or missing IMs from your buddues. with VoxOx, put all your buddy lists in one location and chat away. You can set your online status globally or individually for all your IMs and never miss a message.

*Google Talk






*My space




Social Networking.



*My space

So what are you waiting for go ahead and download it.

Voxox official download link.


  1. Hi! I personally use such apps long ago, they really help to save on international communication, especially when you need to call your family from abroad. Voxox is rather new for me, but I can see the review is not new. Is it still good? Have anyone tried it?


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