Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo Leaked Screenshots – Real Or Fanfare?


Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo has been making rounds of internet with a variety of speculations on it’s hardware requirements, application capabilities, etc. Though there’s hasn’t been any visual proof confirming any of the speculations. However, guys at Nokia Innovation have somehow (from somewhere) dug out images of Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

Again, the legitimacy of these images cannot be confirmed thus for the moment, consider them as creation of some Windows Phone enthusiast or some insider work, whatever you may want to believe. Anyhow, check out the images and see for yourself what’s coming up for Windows Phone users!

Leaked Windows Phone 8 viz. Apollo Screenshots

[Image Credit]


  1. With Apple’s iPhone as well as a horde of popular Google Android smartphones sporting dual-core (and, in some cases, even quad-core) processors, Nokia will be looking to make the transition to Windows Phone 8 and unveil dual-core Lumias soon.


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