YU Launches JYUICE Power Banks Starting At Rs. 699


YU online brand has expaned its porfolio and launched today JYUICE Power Banks in two variants – 5000 mAh & 10000 mAh,  priced at Rs. 699/- & Rs. 1,099/- respectively. These powerbanks are available exclusively on Snapdeal.3__1442847270_78429

JYUICE range of  power banks have been built with aluminum alloy anodizing that helps repel any form of degeneration, corrosion or rusting. These power banks are made of handcrafted Aluminum Alloy shell with round edges and a super slim 8mm body makes it possible to carry them comfortably and without feeling the extra baggage.

The JYUICE power banks come loaded with Lithium-polymer batteries. The Li-polymer batteries not only help protect one’s gadgets but also last longer than conventional Li-ion batteries. The advanced batteries also are more resistant to overcharge.

YU JYUICE is powered with innovative circuit-chip protection ensuring there is no damage done by power surges. It also adjusts the power output according to the device connected to it.

Key Features of YU JYUICE (5000 mAh)

  • 9 x 70 x 139mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Input- DC 5V/1A
  • 5V/2.1A (Fast charging)
  • 92% Maximum
  • U50: 18Wh

Key Features of YU JYUICE (10000 mAh)

  • 5 x 70 x 139mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Input- DC 5V/1A
  • 5V/2.4A (Fast charging)
  • 92% Maximum
  • U50: 37Wh




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