Hack To View/Edit Service Settings Of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones


There are lot of ways in which you can view the model number of your cell phone, software version, etc. However, there is no way you can find out the exact version of current software installed, sim lock (set by operator). In this post i am sharing with you a simple hack to view the service settings of your Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Using this hack you can check for errors (if any) with your phone.

How To Do It ?

In order to access the service settings, just press in the following keys in order (as given below) :



-> denotes Right Key

<- denotes Left Key

* denotes key on the Key Pad

As soon as you enter the above mentioned key combination Service settings will appear on your cell phone’s screen.

NOTE : Be careful while editing these settings. Make sure you don’t mess up 🙂



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