Who’s Behind TechVorm?

Started by Paritosh Bhatia, way back in April, 2009, TechVorm was created with the aim of devoting time to some useful activity rather than surfing net aimlessly and downloading unwanted stuff (you know how that goes!). Soon after, things became more serious, we started getting more traffic, readership grew substantially and so did the interest in sharing latest technology news.

About Us

Joining the bandwagon, in early 2011, Jatinder took charge as Senior Editor, handling the horizons of news coverage as well as further expanding the reach of topics covered. Since then, we have devoted our efforts and time in establishing TechVorm as a news source for  Mobile Phones, Tablets, Latest technology, Mobile Applications, Accessory Reviews, Camera & Laptop Updates, Television, etc.

In a nutshell, this is compendium of our story till date. We aim and hope to achieve more, with even more things to share here, on Who’s Behind TechVorm page!

Jatinder (Editor-In-Chief)

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Paritosh (Managing Editor)

Email : paritosh [at] techvorm [dot] com

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