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2010 FIFA World Cup Schedule In Indian Standard Time

In one of my earlier post, i shared with you links through which you can watch live matches of FIFA world cup for free on your computers. In case you haven’t read that post and are interested in it then head on to the following post:

10 Ways To Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup Online For Free!

FIFA world has started and the indian audience has shown a lot of interest in it. Therefore for the sake of convience of Indian audience i am sharing with you the entire schedule of Fifa World Cup, 2010 in IST (Indian Standard Time) in plain text format and in an excel file (Download Link Below).

First Round

June 11

07.30pm – South Africa Vs Mexico – Johannesburg (SC)

June 12

12.00am – Uruguay Vs France – Cape Town

05.00pm – South Korea Vs Greece – Johannesburg (SC)

07.30pm – Argentina Vs Nigeria – Port Elizabeth (Ellis)

June 13

12.00am – England Vs USA – Rustenburg

05.00pm – Algeria Vs Slovenia – Polokwane

07.30pm – Serbia Vs Ghana – Pretoria

June 14

12.00am – Germany Vs Australia – Durban

05.00pm – Netherlands Vs Denmark – Johannesburg (SC)

07.30pm – Japan Vs Cameroon – Bloemfontein

June 15

12.00am – Italy Vs Paraguay – Cape Town

05.00pm – New Zealand Vs Slovakia – Rustenburg

07.30pm – Ivory Coast Vs Portugal – Port Elizabeth

June 16

12.00am – Brazil Vs North Korea – Johannesburg (Ellis)

05.00pm – Honduras Vs Chile – Nelspruit

07.30pm – Spain Vs Switzerland – Durban

June 17

12.00am – South Africa Vs Uruguay – Pretoria

05.00pm – Argentina Vs South Korea – Johannesburg (SC)

07.30pm – Greece Vs Nigeria – Bloemfontein

June 18

12.00am – France Vs Mexico – Polokwane

05.00pm – Germany Vs Serbia – Port Elizabeth

07.30pm – Slovenia Vs USA – Johannesburg (Ellis)

June 19

12.00am – England Vs Algeria – Cape Town

05.00pm – Netherlands Vs Japan – Durban

07.30pm – Ghana Vs Australia – Rustenburg

June 20

12.00am – Cameroon Vs Denmark – Pretoria

05.00pm – Slovakia Vs Paraguay – Bloemfontein

07.30pm – Italy Vs New Zealand – Nelspruit

June 21

12.00am – Brazil Vs Ivory Coast – Johannesburg (SC)

05.00pm – Portugal Vs North Korea – Cape Town

07.30pm – Chile Vs Switzerland – Port Elizabeth

June 22

12.00am – Spain Vs Honduras – Johannesburg (Ellis)

07.30pm – Mexico Vs Uruguay – Rustenburg

07.30pm – France Vs South Africa – Bloemfontein

June 23

12.00am – Nigeria Vs South Korea – Durban

12.00am – Greece Vs Argentina – Polokwane

07.30pm – Slovenia Vs England – Port Elizabeth

07.30pm – USA Vs Algeria – Pretoria

June 24

12.00am – Ghana Vs Germany – Johannesburg (SC)

12.00am – Australia Vs Serbia – Nelspruit

07.30am – Slovakia Vs Italy – Johannesburg (Ellis)

07.30am – Paraguay Vs New Zealand – Polokwane

June 25

12.00am – Denmark Vs Japan – Rustenburg

12.00am – Cameroon Vs Netherlands – Cape Town

07.30am – Portugal Vs Brazil – Durban

07.30am – North Korea Vs Ivory Coast – Nelspruit

June 26

12.00am – Chile Vs Spain – Pretoria

12.00am – Switzerland Vs Honduras – Bloemfontein

Second Round (ROUND OF 16)

June 26

07.30pm – Group A winner Vs Group B 2nd place – Port Elizabeth

June 27

12.00am – Group C winner Vs Group D 2nd place – Rustenburg

07.30pm – Group D winner Vs Group C 2nd place – Bloemfontein

June 28

12.00am – Group B winner Vs Group A 2nd place – Johannesburg (SC)

07. 30pm – Group E winner Vs Group F 2nd place – Durban

June 29

12.00am – Group G winner Vs Group H 2nd place – Johannesburg (Ellis)

07.30pm – Group F winner Vs Group E 2nd place – Pretoria

June 30

12.00am – Group H winner Vs Group G 2nd place – Cape Town


July 2

7.30pm – 1st Quarter-final – Port Elizabeth

July 3

12. 00am – 2nd Quarter-final – Johannesburg (SC)

7.30pm – 3rd Quarter-final – Cape Town

July 4

12.00am – 4th Quarter-final – Johannesburg (Ellis)


July 7

12.00am – 1st Semi-final – Cape Town

July 8

12.00am – 2nd Semi-final – Durban

Third Place Play-Offs

July 11

12.00am – Semi-final losers – Port Elizabeth


July 12

12.00am – Semi-final winners – Johannesburg (SC)


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