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5 Tech Innovations That Will Optimize Your Life

The pace of technological innovation is faster than ever before; it seems that every couple of months, a new gadget hits the shelves that you hardly know what to do with without consulting a YouTube tutorial.

For example, in the realm of smartphones and tablets, every year there’s a big announcement of the new phone that almost doubles the efficiency of the previous model. Whether it’s the processing power advantage that the iPhone 7 has over the iPhone 6, or the better screen of the Asus ZenPad over the Samsung Galaxy S3, Moore’s Law has shown no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, consider the following coming tech improvements that will change how you interact with the world.

  1. Self Driving Cars Are On the Horizon

Uber and Lyft are the driving services that hinted that one day, public and private self-transportation might be limited; but it was Google that placed us most decidedly on the path to a future of self-driving technology. Let’s face it: computers calculate far faster and much more efficiently than humans ever could. If self-driving technology is perfected, there may very well be no more traffic accidents or drunk driving fatalities. Before this happens, look to the trucking industry – they will, in all likelihood, see the first intrusion of the machines.

  1. Supercomputers Nonpareil

Quantum computers are at the very frontier of tech research; and have been for over a decade. Only recently, though, has serious headway been made into some of the most difficult impediments to establishing them. Intel and Google are making strides in this endeavor.

Quantum computers will revolutionize data encryption, and perhaps catapult the drive towards artificial intelligence into the stratosphere. The ability of the component particles of the system to function in a superposition of states means that such a computer, if realized, could calculate almost illimitably. Some say that the realized tech is less than ten years away.

  1. Virtual Reality is Already Here

With the successful launch of  Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, look to more tech giants to get in on the competitive action. This competition is precisely why VR will grow by leaps and bounds from its already impressive capabilities. Soon, you’ll be discovering new worlds through your digital machines that, while fantastic, are almost indistinguishable from the realism of the outside world.

  1. The Internet of Things and the Household

It wasn’t too long ago that the only thing connected to the World Wide Web was your desktop and laptop computer. Today, your phone, tablet, home security, lights and even refrigerator can be connected to the Internet. Wireless is so attractive that this trends seems destined to continue, as our lives become more integrated with our social media accounts.

Of course, the downside to this is the increased potential for compromised security. Hackers are always looking to target ports; and the more things you have connected, the more chances they have of getting through. Soon, you may need a firewall to keep prying eyes from knowing what’s in your pantry.

  1. Transactions Made Easier

It’s already getting easier to pay for things and receive payment. The latest credit cards have microchips that purport to protect you better against identity theft. Soon, as can be seen in places such as China, you may be able to conduct transactions with a face scan. There’s a startup that’s working on technology that will give authorized personnel access to a building simply by running a digital scanner across your face. It’s a step up from the already ubiquitous fingerprint scanning.


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