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6 Things To Look For When Buying Music Phone

Mobile phone has become an integral part of our day to day lives. They not only serve the purpose of making and receiving phone calls but also act as a medium to listen music. In the last few years mobile phones have become increasingly proficient at playing music. Following are some of the important things you should look out for when buying a new music mobile phone :

1. Headphone :

The headphone is big part of the music experience. There are different type of headphones viz. In ear, Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Lightweight Headphones, etc. Every individual has a different preference. I prefer In ear headphones simply because they are affordable and light weight.

2. Headphone Jack :

Ideally the phone should have a 3.5mm jack which means it will work with most of the headphones sold in the market. If the phone has a 2.5 mm jack then your headphone options are limited and may not allow you to use your favorite style of headphones. However there is a work around for that too, you can use a converter to connect to a regular 3.5 mm headphone. The disadvantage being, the phone probably won’t accept inputs from any control buttons on the headphone.

3. Storage :

There are two types of storage space available in a mobile phone :

  1. Inbuilt flash storage and
  2. Memory card ( MicroSD, M2, Memory stick pro duo, etc. )

Most of the phone’s these days have option to use both ( The more the storage the better it is ). One important thing to look for is the maximum allowed memory card storage on the phone. For example one phone may have a limit of 4GB while on another it’s 8GB.

4. Hot Swapping Feature :

If you have a large music collection you may consider carrying a second card in your wallet and swapping it to listen to different music. Usually phone’s has to be shut down in order to change the memory car. However, if the phone has a ‘hot-swapping’ feature for the memory card then you can switch cards without shutting down the phone.

5. FM radio :

Though this is a basic feature often available on even phone ( High or low end ) these days. However, just to be sure, double check it since some high-end phones like iPhone don’t come with FM feature.

6. Audio quality :

The ultimate goal of any music phone is to provide the ‘best’ audio experience because ultimately its the audio quality which matters the most. This being said, i also want you to know that ‘Audio Quality’ is the most difficult feature to evaluate based on the manufacturer’s feature list. Before buying any phone, it’s best to try out a real model and see what it sounds like. You can also see the mobile in action at large electronic stores like Croma, Nokia Priority Dealers, etc. Another alternative is to check out review sites for general sound ( and other features ) analysis of any phone.

The above mentioned 6 points will have you in choosing the best music phone as per your requirements. Also, if you have any other points to share for buying a music phone then do share with us.



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