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Block Ads On New Kindle Fire By Paying Extra To Amazon – Indian TV Channels See!

Amazon.com will allow purchasers of its new Kindle Fire tablets  to pay $15 extra to turn off advertisements that are built into the devices.

Amazon had said the tablets would come with ads known as “special offers” that appear when screens are locked and in the corner of the home screen, helping keep prices low. But criticism of the company mounted in online forums after reports that the company would not allow buyers to pay to block the ads as it had done with earlier tablets.

Our TV channels should take some lesson from this development. It has become extremely difficult to watch TV programmes and especially movies relayed on the channels as they are full of advertisements. Half of the time is wasted on watching repeat of ads and when you are in relaxed mood to enjoy a serial or movie, you end up having headache by watching more ads than real content. What is worse, sometimes you have to miss crucial coverage for the sake of advertisements, when some event or sports match is being covered live.

Majority of TV viewers shall be happy to shelve out some extra money from their pockets if some TV channels can show us their programmes sans advertisements. Although, this proposition is painful from the perspective of economics of TV channels, but they can certainly give some thought to this problem and work out some way to give uninterrupted entertainment to its viewers. Surprisingly, if they can implement this proposal, they will see meteroic rise in their TRP’s.

We are expert in copying contents, ideas and concepts; we should not lack behind in copying good proposal like that of Amazon of  charging one time payment for avoiding ads on their devices.

It is hoped that our TV channels will give one day choice to its viewers to opt out of ads filled programmes by paying something extra to them!


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