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Airtel Launches Google Assistant based Customer Care

In an industry first, Airtel has integrated its customer care with the Artificial Intelligence-powered Google Assistant. This features is now available in English but going forward, Airtel will roll it out in multiple regional languages as stated by the company in its press statement. Airtel will continue to track what questions customer are asking and enable responses to them via Google Assistant, thus improving the flexibility and robustness of the Airtel voice Action.

The initiative is a part of Project Next – Airtel’s digital innovation program, which is aimed at transforming customer experience across all of its services and touch points. Airtel plans to launch several digital innovations to step change the simplicity and interactivity of its customer experience, adds the statement of the company.

Airtel customers can ask following service related question to Google Assistant:

Prepaid Postpaid
What is my data balance

Best Offers

What is my account balance


What is my current outstanding?

Why is my bill so high?

Bill Summary, Pay bill

Current data usage?

What is my current plan? What are available Airtel Postpaid Plans?

 How can Airtel customers use the Google Assistant?

1. Android Users – Long press the Home Button to launch Assistant. iOS Users – Ensure you have downloaded Google Assistant on your phone.

2. Speak into Assistant – “Talk to Airtel”, “Ask Airtel” or “Get Airtel”. Airtel assistant will open within Google Assistant.

3. To get your account details, for the first time, the Airtel assistant will ask to link your Airtel account with Google.

4. If you click yes, you will be asked to enter your Mobile number, accept the Terms of Service. Once you accept the Terms of service, you will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP to complete linking your account.


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