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Airtel Mobility Service Was Kaput For Few Hours On 25th January 2013

The leading service provider AIRTEL was not able to provide mobile service to its subscribers for few hours on 25th January, 2013. Whenever, any subscriber dialed any mobile or landline number, they got the same message – CALL FAILED or THIS NUMBER CAN’T BE REACHED NOW.

Till the time of writing this blog, there was no clarification from Airtel about disruption in their services. Last year, there was disruption in BlackBerry services in few countries and that became a global news and RIM was forced to acknowledge the deficiency in their services keeping in view of their high standards of services and professional commitments to their customers.

On the contrary, Airtel is still silent about this disruption and we are afraid that they would prefer to remain silent. Not only this problem, we have been facing frequent problem in their broadband services also and despite our repeated reminders to them, there is no action from their side. Their broadband service breaks down at frequent  intervals and starts again on its own.

Of late, we have seen slump in services of Airtel. Despite their decision to hike the tariff of mobility by 25% to 100% and high broadband charges, they are not able to provide satisfactory services to its subscribers. Probably, they are no more interested to retain many subscribers as their systems are  unable to take so much burden. If that is the case then they would be better advised to either update their infrastructure or  say goodbye to low users so that other high users do not suffer on account of choking of their systems.

Airtel should give top priority to render professional services to its existing customers before jumping to other countries for expansion of its wings. First of all, they should attend to domestic customers otherwise they will be disconnected from them.


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