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Amazon Silk Browser Ported To Android [Rooting Required]

Amazon’s in-house web browser viz. “Silk” browser has been gaining a lot of attention since the time they claimed “Silk” to be as data plan friendly as Opera Mini. The data compression technology involved in “Silk” web browser is similar to what Opera Turbo uses to save data on the cloud. Unfortunately Amazon has kept this browser limited to only it’s tablets, Kindle Fire.

The good news is a forum member by the name TyHi of XDA forum has managed to port Amazon’s “Silk” browser to Android device. Yes, to Android! Though you’ll be needing a rooted android phone but those who have rooted his/her device can go ahead and give this browser a test.

So wait no more, head to XDA forum thread wherein TyHi explains the entire process of getting “Silk” browser to Install and run on your Android smartphone. Follow the link below:

XDA Forum – [PORT] Amazon Kindle-Fire “Silk” Browser


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