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[Anniversary Giveaway] Free Licenses Of WinRAR (File Compression Utility)

With an increase in the quantity of stored data, file compression is gaining importance day by day. Compressing files is even more important while transferring data over the internet as it helps in saving bandwidth and more importantly time. There are numerous file compression utilities available, however there are very few that actually compress the files i.e reduce the file size extensively.

Winrar is one of the file compression utilites which is widely used. Unlike other utilites performing the basic task of compressing files, Winrar does more than just compression. Winrar provides a plethora of features which makes it the best file compression utility available. Some of the most useful features provided by Winrar are:

  • Ease Of Use
  • WinRAR is very easy to use. The interactive user interface developed by RARLAB allows its users to use all the features of WinRAR without first digging in to the User Manual’s. Every major function, used regularly, is neatly shown on the home screen. And the less important ones are properly categorized under appropriate tabs.

  • Different Compression Methods
  • Winrar provides different types of compression methods such as normal, good, fast, best, fastest etc. Each type of compression method provides different types of compression rate i.e Fastest providing least compression and Best providing the best compression rate. Depending on your needs and time at your disposal you can decide which method to use.

  • Self Extracting Archive
  • As the name indicates, Winrar enables you to create an archive which can be extracted independently i.e not depending on any external program to extract files. The executable file has .exe extension.

  • Compression Formats
  • Winrar is not limited when it comes to handling of different compression formats. It provides you with an array of compression formats including popular ones like ZIP, RAR, ISO, CAB, etc. By using winrar you will not be bogged down by format handling problem as in case of many other compression utilities.

Now that you know how useful and essential Winrar is, you must be willing to try this utility. Thought Winrar come’s at a cost of $ 29, however, you can try it for free before purchasing it. Courtesy RARLAB (Sponsoring this giveaway), as a way to celebrate TechVorm’s 1 year Anniversary, we are giving away 3 FREE Licenses of WinRAR to 3 lucky readers !!

How To Participate

To participate you have to do the following 2 simple things:

  1. Subscribe to the email feed of TechVorm by entering and confirming your email id in the box given below the post.
  2. Leave a comment stating why you use WinRAR and what function(s) of WinRAR do you like the most.

The entries for this giveaway will be closed on 14th June, 2010 (Midnight) and winners will be announced in this post. So go ahead and get yourself enrolled to win this awesome file compression utility for FREE !!

All The Best To Participants !!!!!

UPDATE: Before announcing the winners, i want to thank all the participants for making this a successfull giveaway. There were a total of 40 entries and winners have been chosen using Random.org. Here  is the screenshot of the winners. Congratulations to AstroSkipper, Willieboy and Ranjan! You all are requested to send your full name, address, and email address to [email protected] asap.


  1. Hi,
    Congrats for your anniversary..
    No doubt its the best compression utility out there.. Good compression ratio, support for multiple formats, authencity, archive protection, SFX archive are some of my favourite features.
    Pls count me in..
    PS: The comment may appear twice. Pls don’t neglect me for that. Bad network here…

  2. Hi TechVorm!

    I would like sure to win one license of WinRaR too because it has the best file compression archive utility.Thank you for this great Giveaway.


  3. Thanks for holding great offer .. for the time being i use winrar 3.80 and i intend to use winrar further because of it is simple and user friendly.the best thing winrar from my experience is no fault while decompression though the size of the file is quite a big so i loved winrar rather than other archive tools such as winzip , power archiver etc..
    i already subscribed .. i would like to upgrade my winrar so pls count me in.

  4. Easy, The only soft to split files into seperate RAR files, I’ve never had an error using it. RAR files are everywhere. I never use alternatives, but do need a new version (using 3.80), my 40 days are up and it bothers me (my conscience) every time I still use it. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Hi,
    Congrats for your anniversary..
    No doubt WinRar is a great compression utility.. Support for so many formats, SFX archive, archive repair and protection, authencity feature, good compression ratio are some of my favourite features..
    Pls count me in for the giveaway.


  6. I want to use WinRAR because it is the best and I need to keep my computer clean and uncluttered. For this I want to make use of the multitude of features offered by WinRAR. WinRAR has good compression algorithms and ratios that compress significantly to a higher percentage than any other compression software. The protection of archives is another feature I like about WinRAR. Please select me as a winner. I need this software.

  7. Paritosh,

    Happy anniversary. I hope your journey continues to be enjoyable for as long as you wish to continue. I’m new to your website, but I have subscribed and bookmarked it already. I’ll be returning (frequently).

    Thank you for hosting this competition. I would like to win a copy of WinRAR for my daughter’s computer. She is now at university. Although far away, she still asks for help on work. We exchange her college papers and other larger documents by e-mail, often with multiple and rapid exchanges. WinRAR would allow us to continue working together while reducing our bandwidth requirement and increasing the security of our exchanges.

    WinRAR has many features that make it my choice. The top one is:
    the recovery record and repair function, with the ability to recover RAR and ZIP archives. You can choose how large (%) the recovery record is in the archive. You can even go back to files and add the recovery record later. Repairing does not affect the original archive. Although the repair function doesn’t work every time (especially without a recovery record or a large enough record), I’ve found it invaluable.
    Add in, encryption, archive size control, a larger number of archives it can manage and the result is: WinRAR is the answer for me (and hopefully, my family).


  8. I would like to have a license of winrar as i am an hardcore pc user and its necessary to have winrar on it ,its the most recommeded software as it supports most of archives format in the market. I like its ease of use and its reliability. Password protected , solid archives ,self extractable archives can be made easily. Its theme can be changed easily. Hope i win , Thanks in advance.

  9. thanks a lot for this giveaway.

    Winrar is my favorite compression program for its speed ease of use percentage of compression.

  10. Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on 1st year Anniversary!
    WinRAR is fast and easy to use. It has a perfect compression ratio and a repair ability. Already subscribed.
    So please count me in your giveaway. Luck to all. Thanks in advance.

  11. I like winrar because its fast and easy to unzip and supports all major formats . Mostly I do unzipping only , but lately i am in need for compression tool in need of my projects and i think WINRAR is the best choice .
    The latest versions has more enhanced features and i would like to win a copy of the license .

  12. I use winrar because it is fast and have a lot of functions.
    I lilke commenting and spliiting files.also a function for some percent more compressing to avoid damaging.

  13. I cannot afford to buy a WinRAR license so I wanted to do the trial pay but that did not work. I have been unlucky so far in being an owner of WinRAR. Hopefully I will break that streak here. Anyway I would like to use WinRAR because I believe it is the market leader in file/folder archive and compression. I particularly like three things in it; The support for many archive formats, the windows right click (shell) interface and how easy it is to use. Again I would love to have a copy of it so please select me and help me be the lucky one this time.

  14. Thanks for this nice giveaway …
    I am using older version of WinRar .
    I like winrar because its fast and easy to unzip and supports all major formats . Mostly I do unzipping only , but lately i am in need for compression tool in need of my projects and i think WINRAR is the best choice .
    The latest versions has more enhanced features and i would like to win a copy of the license .

  15. Hi,
    I’m subscribing already to email feed of TechVorm by entering and confirming your email id in the box given below the post.

    I’m wanting this Winrar as it is having many good things like right click option in windows-XP to use easily, compression large files easily, open *.ISO files also, add password to protect files, recovery record to protect damages to file I’m sending, putting comments to files i’m compressing, good help document if I want to understand about something.

    I’m happy to win [Anniversary Giveaway] Free Licenses Of WinRAR, please take me in.

    Mr G.T.

  16. Hi Paritosh, congratulations for this giveaway. Please do not count me in, just because I don’t need it. I just want to wish all the best to your blog and good luck to everyone. Cheers.

  17. I use WinRar for many years, since I bought my first computer. But why I use WinRar? There are plenty of reasons.

    WinRar is very fast both at packing and unpacking. I like that supports a lot of file types and it can unzip almost everything. WinRar has a strong compression and it supports several compression ratios. Also, it can split a large archive into separate volumes, so that I could save them onto several disks.

    It’s an all-in-one archive solution because it has a lot of advanced features: repair damaged archives, create self-extracting archives, password protection and encryption to secure the archives. Also, the interface of the program is nice and easy to use.

    WinRar is one of the best and powerful compression tools. It’s a must have program for every computer. I would love to win a license, for legally using WinRar. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  18. Ever since I read a comparative review of the various archive tools out there on “DonationCoder”,I have been an admirer of Winrar.Currently I have Winrar 3.8(thanks to a promo) installed on my laptop.It really is very intuitive and light on resources.Besides,the ability to create recovery volumes,which can be used to rebuild missing or damaged volumes of a multi-volume archive,is a well thought feature.Now upgrading to the latest version would be a more than welcome notion for me.So do consider me for the raffle please.

  19. I use Winrar because of its ease of use and its ability to handle ZIP files as well as RAR files

  20. First of all: CONGRATULATION: Happy TechVorm’s 1 year Anniversary
    Thanks Paritosh and RARLAB for this sweet giveaway.

    I love the SECURITY OPTION. It is frustrating when you get an error in the zip file. But with WinRAR, problem solved. Have a look !!! It can
    1) Protect archives from damage
    2) Reconstruct missing split archives
    3) Protect archives against accidental modification
    4) Add authenticity information

    Retweet: http://twitter.com/illuminators
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000883177050

  21. Hello Paritosh,
    In my opinion Winrar is one of the “must have” utilities for any system.So obviously I have installed it on my laptop.However,it is an older version,3.80 to be precise,which I grabbed from a “Pc Welt” promotion.So,given a chance,I would definitely like to upgrade to the latest version.The feature that impresses me most is that while creating an encrypted archive,Winrar provides the option to encrypt even the file names!!.Now,this feature gives it a unique edge over other file archivers because the ability to encrypt file names,file sizes and file attributes is only provided by the “rar format” archives which most of the other archivers are unable to create.So keeping in mind the things I have said above,do include me in the giveaway please.
    P.S. I am already subscribed to the email feeds of TechVorm

  22. Winrar is the most complete package out there. It never fails when it comes to compress files and its userinterface is so simple that even a child can use it.

  23. Thank you paritosh for opening this giveaway,

    About winrar, I love it “ease to use” feature

    “it allows its users to use all the features of WinRAR without first digging in to the User Manual’s. Every major function, used regularly, is neatly shown on the home screen. And the less important ones are properly categorized under appropriate tabs.”

    please count me in!


  24. Nice giveaway. I always wanted the winrar as my trial version has expired. The .rar & .zip extraction and compression are excellent features. Hope I win this wonderful giveaway.

  25. Hi Paritosh/TechVorm,

    Congrats on 1st year Anniversary!!

    Thanks for bringing this opportunity to Win a genuine WinRar license. I’m already subscribed to TechVorm using the same email as in my comment here.

    I only use Winrar and nothing else.

    Reasons to use + functions I use:

    1. suports all formats of compressed file. I use for rar, zip, 7zip, iso, tar
    2. options to do-fastest, fast, normal, best compressions
    3. light weight on system resources
    4. shell integration
    5. 128 bit password encryption – this is good for me to send passwords, etc
    6. availability of 100 of themes
    7. Good support from Winrar team
    8. compression by format, like CD700Mb, Floppy, etc—which come pre-defined
    9. FREE backup through integrated backup feature
    10. Ability to create self-extracting archives – most people are not aware of it
    11. Recovery record to help use damaged files.
    12. Self Extracting Archive which does not requires installation of Winrar or any other zip/rar utility to extract the files. Beware that many people consider any such archive as virus..lol

    I have been using Winrar for some 9 years for now…the trialware :lol

    Please count me in this giveaway.

    Thanks, Grr

  26. Hi, thanks for this nice giveaway & Happy Anniversary techvorm.

    I’m using WinRAR because of its much better compression.
    and the functions that I like most about WinRAR are:

    -can recover & reconstruct damage archive
    -encryption of files with 128 AES
    -split big files
    -user friendly

  27. Thanks Techvorm for the opportunity to win WinRar.
    1. I am already subscribed.
    2. I’m using WinRar its fast, user friendly, much better than winzip. I love it because it opens a large variety of compression including TAR, ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, and ZIP.

    Please count me in the draw for the free license!

  28. I already use WinRAR (old version) come from the freebies. I like “Create a solid archive” function and Extract archives with “keep broken files”.

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  29. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for giveing us this awesome opportunity and nice contest!
    Of course I wana help & can’t say no 🙂
    Having right now version 3.80 of WinRAR and it’s starting getting a bit old…So far I’ve been thrilled to use it, and like someone else said here I am very satisfied with it me too.

    It has many good smart things which comes built in with the software.
    For example..Ability to test, repair and protect archives from damage.
    Password protection and one feature which make it possible to convert.
    Must mention also that besides all these practically features which gives WinRAR high score like speed in basic tasks we shall not forget to mention all the power WinRAR’s programmers put inside all context menus both inside Windows when righclick on a file as well inside the program itself. It is easy to reach folders where to go and open next level for example. Consume very little power and not that much memory either…Easy and nice tool to use and very sharp.

    Happy Birthday Paritosh!
    It’s a really good work you have done on this blog!
    Will be a golden star for it.

  30. I use WinRAR because it can take the place of several different archivers.

    I especially like how easy it is to use and being able to create RAR or ZIP archives.

  31. Thanks techvorm for giving us the opportunity to us to win the WinRar license.
    1. Already subscribed
    2. I’m using WinRar because this softfare is fast, efficient and easy to install. The function of WinRar that I really like: it opens a large varity of compression including TAR, ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, and ZIP.

  32. Hi,
    Thanks for this Giveaway .
    I already use WinRAR on one of my computers and am very satisfied with its speed , compression ratio and repair ability .
    Best regards !

  33. I have been using WinRAR for 2 years, i like the features make a self extracting, and use less RAM with maximum compression and much more.
    Great programs

  34. WinRar is a very easy to use software and it provides different compression methods according to your needs and requirement.
    I really like WinRar’s compression and decompression of files as it is very important nowadays which acts as the sole means of transferring datas over the internet.


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