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[Anniversary Giveaway] Handy Backup – Easy and Reliable Backup Solution

Here is our 2nd giveaway in celebration of TechVorm’s completion of a successful year. Previously we gave 5 free personal license of KonBoot v1.1. In this giveaway we are giving free licenses of Handy Backup.

Brief Intro About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is among the most powerful backup utilities for both home and enterprise users. The software is copyright of Novosoft LLC, a company with great experience in developing software for Windows. As the name states, Handy Backup is easy-to-use and doesn’t require much computer knowledge. Refer to the full list of Handy Backup features to learn more about its high functionality.

It is presented in three basic editions: Standard, Professional and Server. The software has flexible plug-in system so you can supplement your Standard version with only needed features, which would be a very cost-effective solution. Novosoft LLC are actively improving the functionality of the product, releasing updates. The latest version available has a considerable amount of useful plug-ins, including Google Chrome and other. Also, this software is has the best compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Be aware that there are two versions of Handy Backup on the market: a legacy version marketed by Novosoft Inc and the copyright version of Handy Backup by Novosoft LLC.

We are giving away 4 standard licenses of Handy Backup v6.5 worth 39$ each to our readers for FREE (i.e worth 156$ licenses for free) !

How To Participate

To participate you have to do the following 2 simple things:

  1. Subscribe to the email feed of TechVorm by entering and confirming your email id in the box given below the post.
  2. Leave a comment as to for what purpose you are going to use Handy Backup in case you win a FREE license of Handy Backup.

The entries for this giveaway will be closed on 30th April, 2010 (Midnight) and winners will be announced in this post. So go ahead and get yourself enrolled to win this awesome backup utility for FREE!

Again as i mentioned in the previous giveaway too, am not asking participants to tweet or share this post on facebook as its cumbersome for some, so i would really appreciate if you share this post with your friends, colleagues and relatives by stumbling, tweetin, facebooking, digging, etc!

All The Best To Participants !!!!!

UPDATE : A lot of readers showed interest in this software and 4 lucky winners have been randomly chosen (via Random.org). Here is the screen shot of the winners

Congratulations to all the winners viz. abhi, Grr, Ram and paf. Send an email containing details of your Name and Address to [email protected]

P.S – A few names have not been included in this list. The reason being their email address could not be found in subscribed readers list.


  1. Hey! I am subscribed and have been for a while and did not seem to be included in the draw?! Why?

  2. Hello Paritosh,
    Please count me in the giveaway.I wish to use this tool to automate the task of backing up my movie songs database which gets frequently updated by me.
    P.S. I have already subscribed to the email feeds

  3. Hello Paritosh,
    Handy Backup is truly a great Incremental/Differential Backup and has many options and features for different kinds of saving backup.I would definitely like to win one license for system for some crucial backup of important data.
    Thank you so much for this nice giveaway.Once again Congratulations on your Anniversary.


  4. thankyou for the giveaway, i would like to backup all my document folder and some of my music am d media folder.so please consider me

  5. Currently,there aren’t run any backup solutions in my PC. Actually, I am not got at computer, so I didn’t realize the benefits of such useful softs can bring to us. I see that this tool will help me a lot by not only saving my money which is paid for repairing service but also the loss of valuable information/data

    I would like to enter for one ( I already subscribed for new articles of yours )


  6. Hi Paritosh,

    Thank you for this giveaway.

    I have subscribed to ur blog.

    I would like to win a license to be able to use the following features:

    1. incremental and mirror backup
    2. encryption
    3. Back up folders and individual files with file mask filtering
    4. backup compression
    5. Run backup as Windows service
    6. backup registry, Outlook

    Thanks, Grr

  7. Hi Paritosh,

    I have been in search of a good backup software for my system.
    I was never aware of this backup software.
    After I went through the features, I just loved the extra feature of mirror backup as compared to other backup softwares and also the synchronising feature integrated along with this tool which generally others give seperately.

    I am in great need of a reliable backup software like “Handy Backup”.

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. We all need to play safe and back up our files to avoid data loss. Handy Backup has a wide range of features that can help me achieve this. It has a task-based, wizard driven interface, making it easy to use.
    Please count me in. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi ,
    Thanks for this nice giveaway .
    Handy backup is very much reliable and also secure to make back ups and to restore them .
    I had read many reviews for this product , all of them say its the best out here. So i would like to get one and kindly include me in this giveaway .

  10. Hi Paritosh, thank you very much for this giveaway. HandyBackup is really a very good and reliable software and I would love to win a license, to be able to backup all my data with a trustful application. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  11. Hi – please put me in the draw! I would use Handy Backup to make automated backups of the legal contracts I revise everyday at the job that I work at! It would be really useful to me.


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