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Apple To Launch New iPhone In September, Mini iPad In October 2012

There have been many rumours being churned out by various blog sites and analysts who were saying earlier that Apple will launch new products i.e. new iPhone and mini iPad in an event in the month of September. But now, going by hype of each product and the world wide media grabbing capability of each product, it is quite logical for Apple Inc., to launch one product at  a time. Each of Apple’s devices – iPhone and iPad are so huge that Apple would not like to combine their launch. Each product deserves to get independent reportings, attention and reviews.

As per unconfirmed reports, Apple is in the process of announcing new iPhone in an event around 12th September, 2012. It is quite logical for the company to announce its hugely popular product one at a time to grab maximum media attention for its individual product. To keep media guessing and writing a lot about its next probable launch, Apple would certainly capitalise on this opportunity and would launch mini iPad having 7″ inch display sometimes in the month of October, 2012 well before beginning of holiday season.

Apple is anxious to launch mini iPad because of overwhelming response of 7″ inch Google’s Nexus tablet in US and Amazon’s plan of launching new Kindle Fire devices in the first week of September. Microsoft is also in the process of launching its Surface tablet on Windows 8 platform in the month of October. Apple does not want to lose smaller segment of tablet market and hence coming out with mini iPad.

But, till date, Apple has not confirmed or denied any media reports about its probable launches of new iPhone and mini iPad.

After winning its patent lawsuit against its arch-rival Samsung, Apple is undisputed leader of smartphones and tablets in US and this legal victory will give them ample opportunities to continue to dominate especially the US market with its products and price-structure. Apple was facing competition from Samsung in US and it will be quite period for Samsung for some time till they come out with new tablets and new range of smartphones. Samsung’s fate of Galaxy S III, which poses tough challenge to iPhone, still hangs in balance and only coming months will tell whether the courts in US ban this device or not. If Samsung’s Galaxy S III is banned, chances of which are remote, then Apple will have no competition in US for its iPhone.


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