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Apple Unveils Super Thin MacBook Pro, iOS6, Maps & More

Whether it is pre-launch build-up, software developers conference or any event organised by Apple, there is lot of excitement and everybody starts speculating what is going to be unveiled or discussed. This is good for a path-breaking company like Apple to keep everybody focused on it. Finally, the curtain of uncertainty was raised on Monday and Apple showcased updated Mac Computers,new iPhone and Mac software, at its annual conference for software developers in San Francisco in US. The updates include Apple’s own mapping service, better integration with social networks and an improved virtual assistant in Siri.

Super Thin MacBook Pro

After arrival of Ultrabooks on the scene, it was quite obvious for Apple to make thin MacBooks. The new MacBook Pro is as thin as the sleek MacBook Air, weighing less than 4.5 pounds and featuring a super-high-resolution display, the same Retina technology used on the new iPad, but with a much larger 15″ screen. The screen is easily capable of displaying 1080p resolution, as sharp as a high-end high-definition television set. The new model will also have the latest processors, the quad-core i5 or i7 from Intel, which run about 2.7 Ghz, and promises up to 7 hours of battery life.

This  model will be 0.71″ inch thick, compared with 0.95″ inches for the updated models. The new model will start at $2,199 and will start shipping immediately.

Upgraded  MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

Apple updated the ultra-thin MacBook Air and these devices will have new Intel processors that sport up to 60 % faster graphics and up to 512 GB of flash storage memory. MacBook Airs do not have hard drives. Prices for the version with an 11″ inch diagonal screen will range from $999 to $1,099.

Similarly,the MacBook Pro, will also get the new Intel chip. Prices for the 13″ inch model will be $1,199 to $1,499, while a 15-inch model will be $1,799 or $2,199, depending on the amount of storage. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models will also start shipping immediately.

iOS 6

Apple says its mobile devices will get a new operating system, iOS 6, this fall. It will support iPhones released since 2009, as well as last year’s and this year’s iPad models. It will also work with newer iPod Touch devices. The update will be free, though some features won’t be available on all devices. The iOS 6 software will sport more than 200 new features.

Apple says iOS 6 will have enhancements to Siri, a virtual assistant that interprets voice commands and talks back to the user. Siri  is now available on iPads and recites a larger database of answers, especially sports, restaurants and movies. It is also integrated into the new mapping service. Siri will now be available in more languages and more countries.

Apple’s  new mobile operating software – the iOS6 – comes with a mapping system “built from the ground up,” said software chief Scott Forstall, sidelining the Google map service that the Internet giant has invested heavily in. Apple’s map service comes with three-dimensional images of cities called “Flyover” along with real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation.

In the past, Apple has given prominent importance to Google Inc.’s mapping app. But the two companies have increasingly become rivals as people buy more devices running Google’s Android operating system.

Apple’s iOS 6 software will have better integration with Facebook. The idea is you enter your password just once, and you can post to Facebook from a variety of apps. You can also post about websites directly from Apple’s Safari browser.

OS X Mountain Lion

The new Mountain Lion system narrows the gap between the PC and phone software packages, making Mac personal computers work more like iPhones.  Mountain Lion will be available next month and will cost $19.99 – $10 cheaper than what the current system, Lion, costs. Those buying the MacBook models announced Monday will get the upgrade for free when it’s available. Those models will ship with the Lion version initially.

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