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Bang & Olufsen Introduces Wall-mounted BeoSound Shape Speakers & BeoLab 50 Loudspeakers

Danish company Bang & Olufsen, has introduced BeoSound Shape wall-mounted, modular speaker system and BeoLab 50 loudspeakers for the Indian market.

BeoSound Shape is modular speaker system based on hexagonal tiles that can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable size and pattern and is ideal for homes as well as shops, studios, showrooms, offices and hotel lobbies. Each tile has a combination of speakers, amplifiers and acoustic damper tiles that scale the sound performance and visual design of the system. Based on your individual taste, you can go from six to practically an unlimited number of tiles in one set-up. It also offers an array of colours and textiles to choose from such as Parisian Night Blue,Purple Heart, Infantry Green, Brazilian Clay, Wild Dove Grey and the classic Black.

Besides futuristic design, it offers wireless streaming of high quality music from your mobile device via streaming technologies such as AirPlay , Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth 4.1. It also includes multiroom functionality making it part of the family of Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products that can play different music in different rooms or let one tune flow throughout your home.

It has recommended retail price of approximately Rs. 4,60,000 for a set of 8 tiles.

BeoLab 50 loudspeaker has sophisticated sound and beautiful design. It is slender, tall, and rounded by floating lines and visible edges. The silver-polished aluminium surfaces and warm oak wood lamellas are recognizable trademarks of Bang & Olufsen products. The bottom part of the speaker is designed to visually lift the speaker from the floor, keeping a light expression of clear posture in the centre.

It incorporates Active Room Compensation technology. Using an external microphone, BeoLab 50 measures its physical acoustic surroundings and applies the ideal compensation filters to produce optimum sound at your listening positions or throughout the entire room.

The unique Acoustic Lens Technology, a Bang & Olufsen signature that handles the sound dispersion of the upper frequencies, is applied on top of the speaker. The lens disperses the sound via Beam Width Control into either a 180-degree sound mode for social enjoyment e.g. a party or watching a movie, or to a narrow mode for a dedicated “sweet-spot” listening position.

The BeoLab 50s are interconnected via Digital Power Link in a master-slave configuration with sound sources being fed into the system via the master speaker’s comprehensive connection panel. As a supplement to the wired connection, BeoLab 50 also incorporates wireless technology using multichannel digital audio streaming (based on the WiSA technology) with a very robust performance.

It has a recommended retail price of 27 Lacs for a pair.

Both these products will be available in Bang & Olufsen’s flagship stores in New Delhi at DLF Emporio, UB City, Bangalore and Taj Hotel, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.


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