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Barco Showcases Range of its Products at Barco Connect 2023

Barco showcased its latest products and solutions at the Barco Connect 2023 (One Barco event) held in Delhi Barco offers a diverse range of innovative, high-quality, and hi-tech networked visualization products in the Indian market, including Digital Cinema projectors, Large Screen display solutions, collaboration solutions, rugged displays for professional applications, and Hi-tech medical displays.

The Barco Connect 2023 (One Barco event) is aimed at building awareness regarding the enormous domestic potential inherent in entertainment, enterprise, and projection mapping sectors, while showcasing a broad range of products and solutions including ClickShare Conference (CX-30/50 and CX-50 Gen2), UDX 4K projector, PDS4K, Immersive Experience, Xcite (Virtual Reality): CAVE, RigiFlex, ODL, Truepix, Unisee, and CTRL solutionamong others.

Barco’s RGB laser series is the first generation of 24/7 rear-projection video walls capable of operating under any lighting conditions, and the versatile XT-series is specifically designed to offer premium quality and provide a reliable solution in a wide range of indoor LED applications. Barco’s latest generation PDS-4K presentation switcher, with its 4K 60 capability, has been developed to meet customer requirements for image processing and fast seamless switching in the workspace environment.

In the visualization space, Barco UniSee offers a revolutionized LCD video wall experience while Barco’s range of ClickShare products enable the trends of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) in the enterprise sector. More than 65% of the Cars, Trucks (Automotive solutions) that you see on our roads are designed on Barco VX solutions. The flagship direct view LED video wall solution TruePix is an innovative mounting structure that ensures precise installation in any environment, amazing image quality, and extremely high levels of reliability.

Barco has been a domain expert in experiential business, be it in large events, cinema theatres, large venue fixed install projections, control rooms, meeting rooms or classroom learning experiences. India is among the key markets for Barco, in the projection mapping vertical. Barco’s impressive track record includes multiple sound and light shows and projection mapping installations such as Andaman & Nicobar’s historical Cellular Jail, Nathdwara ‘Statue of Belief’, Ajmer’s historic King Edward Memorial façade, Akshardham, and Datta Peetham.

Barco video walls have a strong presence in India, comprising of clients such as the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, and GAIL’s National Gas Management Center (NGMC), who partner with Barco to create a holistic network operation monitoring solution. Separately, TV18, which leverages Barco’s UniSee video wall for visualization purposes, stated that it is the ideal solution for broadcasting backdrops, in coordination with studio design and requirements.

Details of Barco Products showcased at Barco Connect 2023:

ClickShare Conference (CX-30/50 and CX-50 G

Clickshare Conference is about wireless conferencing and BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), as it allows you to join any type of video conference from your own laptop, whether you are in huddle, a meeting room or a board room. ClickShare Conference enables team members in the office to connect with remote participants in just a matter of seconds. It conducts better hybrid meetings with the video platform solution of your choice (Microsoft Teams, Zoom…) from your laptop and wirelessly connect to the room camera, microphone and speaker, so all participants, in-room or remote, can be seen and heard perfectly.

  • With a single and simple click, you can start your meeting or share content on the screen, directly from your laptop.
  • With absolute ease of use and the ability to leverage existing peripherals, the ClickShare Conference makes effective and seamless hybrid collaboration extremely simple.  

The CX-50 2nd generation, the premium ClickShare Conference variant, is designed to enable better decision-making and collaboration in high-impact meeting rooms. With dual screen support, every participant receives an equal seat at the hybrid meeting table, irrespective of whether they join remotely or in-room.

UDX 4K projector, PDS4K, Immersive Experien

Barco introduced the latest generation PDS-4K presentation switcher with 4K 60 capability, developed to meet customer requirements for image processing and fast seamless switching in the workspace environment.The PDS-4K is an ideal fit for mid-sized live shows, corporate presentations in larger meeting spaces, multi-purpose auditoriums, and boardrooms.Barco’s latest generation PDS includes Six 4K inputs and Four 4K outputs, designed to deliver all content as intended.

Immersive Experience – Immersive projection is a new and exciting form of projection mapping, where rather than just giving spectacular imagery, those images may transport you to new and different wonderful environment. It is an attraction most museums, theme parks should have for storytelling of different worlds, eras.

  • The video projectors are available in a wide range of resolutions & brightness ranging from 7000 Lumens to 75000 Lumens
  • With capability to be able to install at any angle of orientation these projectors are ideal for challenging installations of immersive projection.
  • Barco has an impressive track record with projections all around the world and in India with multiple Sound & Light shows or Projection mapping installations at Museum of Statue of belief, Statue of belief, Cellular Jail Andaman, Prime Minister’s Museum and Akshardham temple.

Xcite (Virtual Reality): CAVE, RigiFlex

Barco provide visualization solutions for VR (Virtual Reality) to the customers

  • These solutions are typically called CAVE (which is a fully immersive multi-sided environment), Reality Centers (based on large curved screens) & PowerWall (large flat screens). These solutions, unlike the commonly known VR head-sets (HMDs) provide a collaborative environment in VR required for important decision-making by experts & top management. In India, more than 65% of the Cars, Trucks (Automotive solutions) that you see on the roads are designed on Barco VX solutions
  • Almost all Indian Car companies are today using a Barco Visualization solution in their design process
  • Not only Car companies, VX installations are at three large two-wheeler manufacturers in India
  • More than 75% of Oil & Gas Exploration companies in India use Barco Visualization solutions to accelerate their studies to un-earth the hydro-carbon reserves
  • More than 70% of Ship-building stalwarts in India are using Barco VX solution, not only in their design process but also in their efforts to train their people for important maintenance activities
  • The VX solutions are contributing to India’s research development goals & efforts with lots of Research organizations using VX solutions in applications like GIS visualization, Remote Sensing, planning etc

ODL, Truepix, Unisee, CTRL solution

All TruePix LED modules are designed for seamless installation: contactless, risk-free and without the need for afterwork. A stunning visual experience, a shared operational picture that shows every detail, or an eye-catching large canvas. LED video is an extremely versatile display with a high return on investment. TruePix matches the visualization needs of many professionals and is ideally suited to display compelling content in impressive corporate lobbies, mission-critical control rooms, executive board rooms, experience centers, television studios and VR environments.

Barco UniSee is the flagship product of LCD video wall portfolio , coming in two brightness flavors. However, if this system does not correspond completely to your needs, Barco also offer another great LCD video wall range. Barco OverView range leads the industry-standard LCD video wall market, whereas premium Barco UniSee platform gives you a visual experience never seen before.

Barco UniSee matches the visualization needs of many professionals especially in the corporate environment where it is ideally suited to display compelling content in impressive corporate lobbies, mission critical control rooms, executive board rooms, high-end meeting rooms, simulation systems and many more.

Taking care of every aspect of end-to-end content distribution, from collection and networking to visualization, Barco CTRL is the secure foundation of your control room. Barco CTRL is fully scalable and grows with your needs. It integrates easily into 3rd party video management systems through APIs. This enables users and integrators to leverage the complete power of all leading solutions in the market.


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