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Be A Google Wave Developer-100,000 Invites Go Out on September 30th

Well you must be knowing of the new service to be provided by Google by the end of this year i.e Google Wave. Google Wave is a service that will take collaboration of communication and work altogether to a new level. The new communication tool will have the power to redefine not only emails but also the entire web. And here is a chance for the application developers to grab a invite for the application.


Recently, around 6,000 new developers got an invite for Google Wave Sandbox and more than 20,000 will get an invite before the end of August. And 100,000 Invites for the developers will be out on september 30th.

You can signup for the Google Wave invite here. I would like to suggest my readers who desire to get an invite that 100,000 invites may sound huge but with all the hype surrounding the Google Wave you must be interesting and impressive in the content that you write in the message box in the sign up form. If you have already grabbed an invite or you aspire to become a wave developer please share your experience with us.


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