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Beetel H27 & H95 Landline Phones ideal For Hospitality Industry, Launched in India

Beetel Teletech today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind landline phone series specifically designed to streamline operations and elevate guest experiences across the hospitality industry. The series encompasses two TEC-certified landline phone models, the H95 as shown above and H27 as shown below, meticulously engineered to cater to the unique requirements of the hospitality sector.

The new landline phones empower hotels to address guest needs promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Guests can easily make reservations, request room service, report issues, or seek recommendations, all with the simple convenience of a phone call.

These phones boast a suite of advanced features designed to enhance guest communication and streamline hotel operations. The H95 model offers a two-way speakerphone and up to ten programmable guest service keys, making it ideal for guest rooms in luxury hotels. The large full-length faceplate allows for easy branding and clear dialing instructions, enhancing the overall guest experience. Additional features like mute with LED indication, message waiting lamp, privacy guard feature, busy tone disconnect automatically, and a programmable pause function further elevate its functionality. Both models support tone dialing, have an adjustable ringer and receive volumes, redial function and include hold function with LED indication, ensuring seamless communication. By integrating these sophisticated phones, hotels can significantly improve guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and safety, solidifying their reputation for exceptional service.

The H27, with its elegant design, includes eight-speed dial memory, message waiting light and hearing aid-compatible handset, ensuring accessibility for all guests. Its adjustable volume settings and privacy guard feature provide personalized convenience, while its ability to be mounted on walls ensures practicality in compact spaces like guest bathrooms. 

Both the H95 and H27 landline phones have earned TEC certification, a testament to their quality and compliance. With these cutting-edge landline phone solutions, hotels can elevate guest experiences, nurture stronger guest-staff relationships, and cement their reputation for delivering exceptional service, setting new benchmarks in the hospitality sector.


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