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BenQ Launches Pro Graphics Series Professional Monitor PG2401PT

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, has launched today its Pro Graphics Series, professional color management monitor, PG2401PT,  in India at Rs.115000/-.

BenQ PG2401PTThe PG2401PT professional monitor is specifically suitable for photographers, graphic designers, color re-touchers, and printers, which require accurate and consistent on-screen color matching. This device is capable of providing reliable, printing-certified soft proofs with precision. With Palette Master and X-Rite, the monitor effectively improve design and proofing efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership, making it the ideal choice for system houses seeking the perfect hardware and software solution for their clients and printing houses. For content creators, the new Pro Graphics Series would also make a great work companion, enabling an effective digital workflow with absolute content color consistency from designing to printing

Salient Features of BenQ PG2401PT:

  • G7, Fogra and other ISO standard print-quality certifications for print-perfect proofing efficiency
  • 100% CMYK color space and 99% Adobe RGB color space to ensure the most accurate color reproduction
  • A 10-bit display panel for the smoothest shading and color transitions in natural gradations
  • 14-bit 3D Look-Up-Table and processing for improved RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in flawless color and gray tone reproduction
  • Delta E?2 to ensure color accuracy throughout project workflow, providing viewers with the truest impression of the original image
  • Hardware calibration support that stores calibration data generated by the calibrator directly on the monitor’s IC to safe keep the most authentic and accurate calibration results
  • Brightness uniformity support that balances brightness and chromaticity for consistent image viewing across the entire display
  • Palette Master Software co-developed with X-Rite, is bundled color calibration software that can validate calibration according to G7/Fogra/Ugra criteria, making it easy to verify for international printing standards

BenQ PG2401PT front lengthThe PG2401PT can be connected directlyt to a PC via DVI-D, HDMI, or DisplayPort, and Mac users can utilize a Mini DisplayPort to connect with the displays. A USB3.0 port/card reader is also available to facilitate fast file transfers.

This monitor is ergonomically designed with a wide adjustable stand, and an on-screen display, which allows automatic rotation to either portrait or landscape mode. To ensure smooth proofing, the monitor comes equipped with a shading hood that eliminates distracting glare effects.


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