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Block Un-Wanted Calls Using Airtel Call Manager – Subscription And Activation

Recently i shared 2 applications using which you can get rid of un-wanted calls. In case you haven’t read about them then do so by visiting the following link(s):

Kaspersky Mobile Security – Free Licenses (FIFA World Cup Special)

F-Secure Anti-Theft Mobile Application For Symbian, Windows And Android Based Phones

However, the applications mentioned in the above 2 posts require you to have a smartphone and there are people who don’t own one. Therefore for this reason, i will be sharing with you a service provided by Airtel called Airtel Call Manager which serves the same purpose of blocking the un-wanted calls. Airtel Call Manager (as the name says) is available only for Airtel mobile users (Prepaid or Postpaid). This service costs Rs. 30 per month and allows you to block unwanted callers and manage your incoming calls without downloading any application of your device. So, this service is independent of the type of mobile phone you use! In order to activate Airtel Call Manager, follow the steps given below:

  1. Register your mobile number via this link.
  2. You will receive an sms containing your password. Use this password to login to your Airtel Call Manager account.
  3. Once you login, click on “Click Here” link and you will be asked to click “Ok” for activating the service.
  4. Once you click “Ok“, you can configure Blocked List, White List and other settings.

Let us know, how you liked this service? And whether or not the price tag of Rs. 30 per month is justified.


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