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Bosch Offers Localised Connected & Smart Solutions in Business Segments Beyond Mobility


The leading Bosch Group headquartered in Germany has strong presence in India and offers localised solutions for construction, mining, energy, home appliances, packaging, smart city, transportation etc. beyond mobility. At an event in Bengaluru, Bosch India showcased their above-mentioned solutions to the gathered media which contributed around 15 percent to the Group’s turnover in India in the year 2015.


Bosch India is very active in Smart City project of Government of India which has decided to set-up 100 smart cities and for which implementation has started for 60 cities. Bosch offers end-to-end solutions for smart city and has been running pilot projects in this segment in Bengaluru. It offers Intelligent Parking System which allow commuters to find a space in crowded areas, information about parking slot occupancy through sensors, book and pay via mobile for a parking space, Intelligent Traffic Management Systems and Citizen Safety, Security & Intelligent Transportation Systems and alternative mode of transportation in the event of heavy traffic congestion in the city etc.

Bosch has its presence in the mining industry with hydraulics, fuel injection systems for mining equipment and security technologies. Through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) platform and expertise available across various domains, the company has increased automation in the mining industry to improves operational efficiency. Its smart mining solutions enhances productivity through improved asset utilization.


To the fast expanding construction industry in India due to infrastructure development in the country, Bosch offers various tools for construction and products for post construction. The company has launched a new range of affordable power tools for the construction, metal and wood working industry earlier this year. To meet the security needs in residential and commercial buildings, Bosch offers forward integration of all video and communication products. Over the mid-term, Bosch will develop solutions around the Internet of Things, cloud and video analytics, thus creating a segment above the conventional IP Video Analytics.


In the transportation segment, Bosch has a strong presence in all the major metros in the country and has deployed technologies pertaining to passenger announcement systems, passenger information display systems and CCTV with end-to-end integration. There are several metros, airport expansion and railway modernization programs underway in the country equipped by Bosch. In India, the company also offers innovative drive and control solutions for railway applications.


In the home appliances segment, Bosch offers Washing machines, Dish-Washers, refrigerators which have been designed in accordance with local conditions. For instance, dish washers are capable of cleaning even utensils with lot of stains of oils etc. as Indians use lot of oil in preparing their dishes. Besides this, Bosch has compelete range of toasters, coffee making machine, blenders and also plan to introduce more products in this segment in due course of time. In the home appliances category, Bosch is well-known brand worldwide and is ranked no. 2 for its precision and German quality.

The Bosch Group also offers a broad range of technology solutions for the manufacturing sector such as drives, automation, sensors, software and predictive maintenance for tier 1 component manufacturing organizations, healthcare and pharmaceutical to improve productivty and minimise cost of production. It not only offers smart solutions to other sectors of manufacturing but also implements it in its own manufacturing plants.


Besides above, Bosch is very aggressive in packaging industry and offers complete range of solutions for packaging which is used by the leading brands in India to pack their products.

To sum up, Bosch group provide end-to-end solutions for the industies and is one stop solution provider. Bosch has almost all the products for your everyday life and is commited to make your life more fascinationg with its innovative ideas and solutions. Bosch is committed to localise their solutions and products under Make In India initiative of Government of India and will be investing heavily for the R&D and implementation of its projects and resources.

“Customers are increasingly looking for suppliers who can offer them end-to-end solutions. Bosch is leveraging the combined strengths of its products to offer integrated solutions to meet the demands of customers across key growth sectors of India,” said Dr. Steffen Berns, managing director Bosch Limited and president of the Bosch Group in India. “Bosch is uniquely positioned to offer meaningful solutions by harnessing its expertise across hardware, software and services,” mentioned Dr. Berns. Commenting further he said, “India benefits significantly from this aspect as it is home to Bosch’s largest engineering center outside Germany, and we do understand the country’s local market requirements.”


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