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BOULT Emerges as India’s No. 1 Rated Audio Brand – CMR Study

BOULT, India’s wearable tech brand has recently been recognized as India’s #1 rated audio brand in terms of consumer preferences in smart hearables, according to a study conducted by Cyber Media Research. BOULT led with a comfortable 96% preference in the TWS/Neckband segment, while its top competitors BoAt and Noise, trailed at a close 90% and 84% respectively.

India’s audio landscape is booming, and at the heart of this revolution is BOULT, soaring as the nation’s favourite audio brand. In India, neckbands are the go-to choice, while TWS holds sway in Tier 1 cities. On average, consumers in India spend INR 1510 on TWS/neckbands, compared to INR 1880 in Tier 1 cities. Notably, BOULT stands out as the top-rated brand for TWS/neckbands, according to the study. India, a leading force in direct-to-consumer (D2C) trends, smart hearables are purchased almost evenly through offline and online channels, with a slight edge towards online purchases with BOULT leading the lot with a 55% of the purchases coming from online. 

Furthermore, with the TWS/Neckband segment BOULT has the highest usability quotient  with 30% of the respondents opting for TWS and and 31% going in favour of the neckbands. Lastly, apart from the audio quality, BOULT is preferred for its bold and dynamic aesthetics, as well as its reputation as a strong and innovative brand.

Key findings from the study underscore the shift towards fashion-driven adoption in emerging markets like Tier II cities, where personal style reigns supreme. Affordability remains a driving force, with a vast majority seeking premium features at pocket-friendly prices.

Young Indian consumers prioritise style in their smart hearables, leaning towards sporty designs (45%) and classic colours (28%) for a perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. While sound quality remains a top priority (53%), price (51%) and battery life (51%) hold equal importance for value-conscious young consumers. When it comes to TWS/neckbands, affordability takes centre stage.

BOULT emerged as a favoured brand among Indian youth, celebrated for its exceptional audio quality (59%), bold and dynamic design (56%), and inclusive brand imagery (49%).

Boult is set to launch its new earbuds and smartwatch in the coming days. Stay tuned for more details and reviews!


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