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Brothersoft, Popular Free Software Download Website Sets Up Its Own E-Shop, Selling Souvenirs

Brothersoft, a leading download sites in the world for free software downloads and shareware sales, was founded back in 2002. It now offers biggest collection of software programs for Windows, Mac, Mobile and free games downloads as well. With the current trend among companies worldwide of releasing its own range of products which bear the sign of their own corporate culture, Brothersoft.com has set up an E-Shop to promote/sell T-Shirts and other souvenirs with the Brothersoft logo. It is Brothersoft’s initiative to reach out to it’s audience and lovable fans who have supported it and helped Brothersoft grow to its current position.
Though I haven’t yet ordered anything as of now (Inflation has hurt my pocket as well :p) but the procedure to procure one is simple. There are three steps to order a T-shirt on Brothersoft official E-shop page:
  1. Product Picture – The first step isn’t really a step per se. On the homepage you can see the product i.e T-Shirt in a clear photograph. You can choose size as per your requirement, which is available, and place the order for desired quantity.
  2. Product Details and Description – You can find detailed information of the item in which you are interested in including the ingredient, washing methods, size, color, some unique design descriptions, etc.
  3. Sample Product Display – You can see part of the Brothersoft’s die-hard fans from all over the world who wear the Brothersoft Singlet T-Shirts. This will give a rough idea as to how you’ll look wearing one!

Offering customized T-Shirts and related Souvenirs is a good way to enagage with audience and promote brand. If you are interested in buying a T-Shirt for yourself then you visit Brothersoft offical online shopping portal.


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