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You Can Capture Brighter & Sharp Images With Asus Zenfone 5-#MyAsusZenFone

Asus of Taiwan, famous for its notebooks and othe computing products, has created ripples in the mid-range smartphone market in India last year with the launch of Zenfone range of smartphones, which are powered by Intel Atom processors with Hyper-Threading technology.


The other important and very useful USP of these smartphones are their superior optics. In this age of selfies and online postings on social networking sites, the users require good quality rear and front cameras to capture the desired moments for online sharing. Asus has understood this requirements very well and all their Zenfones are equipped with powerful cameras. We shall discuss this aspect in our article as we have the opportunity to play with Asus Zenfone 5 for few days.


What we have liked the most in Asus Zenfone 5 is its reproduction quality of clicked images. This has been made possible because all the ZenFones incorporate ‘PixelMaster’ camera technology whcih includes Low-Light Mode. With this feature, the images can be captured in low -light conditions also as the camera intelligently adjusts the pixel size to increase light sensitivity by upto 400 percent. You will get bright images and good videos which are snapped or made in low-lights. Besides above, this technology also has features of Selfie Mode for shooting selfies and Depth of Field Mode.

We reproduce below few images taken in daylinght and in properly lit room. These images have been taken the way a non-professional will shoot them in a casual manner without applying any settings:

The following are the images taken in dark room and in fading light:

You can see for yourself that the images clicked in good lightt are bright and sharp. The images snapped in poor light are also not bad.

As a matter of fact, the ZenFone 5 comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front facing camera, but with the incorporation of PixelMaster technology, the camera of this smartphone has added advantage and will give you excellent results which you may not get even in some high-end devices.

Besides the excellent reproduction through rear camera, the front camera is also ideally suitable for taking selfies and sharing on the social media.



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