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How Managed Networking is Reducing the Burden on Traditional IT on the Path to Cloud

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CBTS. All opinions are 100% mine.

In a previous article introducing a hosted and managed solution,Network as a Service (NaaS), I shared how it revolutionizes the way businesses leverage the cloud for an on-demand network. This time around, I am going one step ahead and sharing real-life scenarios wherein CBTS’ NaaS offering is helping organizations reduce costs, enhance their overall networking capabilities. Without beating around the bush, let’s get to discussing some of these Managed Cloud Network case studies.

Concrete Contractor

Spread across 17 locations and 600 semi-mobile users working from different locations interdependently, they have central shared services. Data accessibility through a centralized system resulted in slow internet speeds. Upon switching toNetwork as a Service from CBTS Managed Cloud solutions, the concrete contractor benefited across the board. It is now able to open a new store/location in 66% less time. Overall network costs reduced by 87% and internet speeds increased by 10 times! Operational labor costs were also decreased by 30% as well.

Auto Services, Tires and Wheels Provider

A long time player on this niche, they have grown considerably since the inception and now have a presence at 103 locations, each location having 6 – 10 service bays. Differentiating from their competitors, they strive towards excellent customer service and user-friendly tire maintenance experience. A part of this is ensuring customers enjoy great Wi-Fi experience on premise, customer analytics, and minimum outages due to legacy copper, equipment, & technology (on copper network). All of these were a major hindrance to achieving their goals.

CBTS’ implementation of its Hosted and Managed Network, NaaS, recently has helped them achieve mission-critical network reliability and superior Wi-Fi performance. As a result of which, the company has benefited in terms of downtime reduction (by 10%), cost savings of nearly 40%, improved Wi-Fi performance (resulting in advertisement propositions for customer authentication page on network), and greater visibility of financial analytics.

Specialty Food Provider

Offering specialty food for special occasions, catering services, sandwiches & sides to its customers, they have more than 300 stores spanned across different locations. Collectively owned by corporation and franchisees, their end goal is to make sure customers get the same level of experience irrespective of the store ownership. This applies across the board, to their website, phone, and in-person experience. Since the orders can flow in from any medium, keeping all the platforms unified with similar level of experience and satisfaction was a challenging task.

CBTS’ turnkey solution of NaaS integration helped them overcome this daunting task, on two franchisee locations. This allows the locations to connect seamlessly with parent company and for the parent company to easily manage the locations through a centralized dashboard. Additionally Wi-Fi analytics are greatly improved and proving to be a key component in understanding customer behavior inside the stores.

Manufacturer & Distributor of Windows, Siding, Roofing, and Doors

With 55 factory showrooms spread across multiple locations, they are a firm believer in single source responsibility to design, build, install, and guarantee their products. Having faced technological issues like slow Internet speeds (running on nationwide MPLS network), high costs, and poor customer service, CBTS’ Managed Cloud Network, NaaS, was their solution to these ever-growing problems.

Following a successful integration with NaaS, they benefited greatly in terms of higher bandwidth availability at lower costs (in contrast to MPLS), enhanced security through feature rich firewall, and more. Additionally, they have been able to cut down on cost by almost 50% as well as increase overall efficiency!

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