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Cloud Solution Attached To Cybook Odyssey With Thalia And Deutsche Telekom

Following on from the success of the launch of Bookeen’s e-readers by Thalia in Germany, Switzerland and Austria during Christmas 2012, the leading German Bookstore has decided to enhance its e-reader solution by adding a cloud solution powered by Deutsche Telekom.

Bookeen has been working since summer 2012 to link and connect all the Cybooks sold by Thalia to this new cloud solution. This set up offers new features helping to synchronise customers’ content within Thalia’s ecosystem.

In 2012, Thalia released Bookeen’s Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight and Cybook Odyssey 2013 Edition inbuilt with Thalia’s eBook store within 300 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thanks to the partnership between Bookeen and Thalia, Thalia is a leader in the German digital eBook industry. As a result of its partnership with Thalia, Bookeen has contributed to making e-reading become a mainstream technology in Germany.

On top of managing this new solution, all Cybooks connected to Thalia ebook stores will be able to synchronise content within Thalia’s ecosystem.

To continue the collaboration, Bookeen is managing everyday actions on Thalia/Cybook devices and working with Thalia’s team on a future common project for an innovative and premium reading solution to be announced later on this year.

Based in Paris, France, selling Cybooks in more than 50 countries, the Bookeen team – experts in eBooks since 1998 – have developed numerous e-reading solutions over the past 13 years (Hardware and software). Bookeen is proud to be bringing innovation to the market through this new FrontLight technology or HSIS, a technology featured for the first time in its Cybook Odyssey device.


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