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Comparison Of Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy Note 4-Rumor

Samsung is one of the leading brands and a true pioneer when it comes to launching variety of gadgets. It has made a good name in the gadget world, especially in the field of mobile phones and tablets with its Galaxy series. After the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung eyes on bringing forth its next phone in the pipeline. On the other hand, there is a similar expectation of a fantastic phone from the same brand in the Note series. Note 4 from Samsung is also being waited eagerly by smart phone lovers as the anticipations have already increased.
While both these phones are one of their kinds, there are lovers of phones from a particular genre which gives rise to comparisons. Here is a synopsis on both these upcoming phones and the prognostications which are looked up for.

The Design
To speak about design, Samsung Galaxy S6 is heard to come up with a metallic body having a sheer aluminum base. The pristine metal-bodied phone will have a polished outlook and will be a light weight device. With the following trend, the exterior of the phone and the edges will be sharp. Moving over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it will most probably have a plastic body as is the trend. Therefore in terms of lightweight, S6 will supersede Note 4.

Display- War of Large Screen
By the reports of Mysamsunggalaxys6.com, it is expected that Samsung S6 will have a display screen of 5.5” with AMOLED display and capacitive touch screen. The pixel density will be more than 560 ppi and the Touch Wiz interface will have dust and water protection. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will supposedly go over 5.7” serving the purpose of both a phone and a tablet.

Camera Features
The Galaxy S6 will come with a whooping 21MP in the rear side and the front camera resolution will vary between 4-7MP. The 4K video recording with optical image stabilization will produce images of high quality. Following the trend, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a camera resolution of 20 MP in the rear end and the secondary camera will have a 3MP resolution. Not much variation in both the models.

Operating System
Samsung Galaxy S6 is now aiming to raise its OS version. The latest version of S-series S5 was introduced with Android version KitKat 4.4 and the subsequent versions are now planned with Android 5.0 or more depending upon when Google brings out the next version. The same is the case for Note 4 as well. Anticipations are also there that Samsung might now come up with its own OS, Tizen, but it is doubtful whether Samsung will test its own OS on its flagship devices.

Samsung have always worked under 64-bit processor. Smart phone users expected Samsung Galaxy S5 with a higher processor bit, but it did not come up. However with the launch of both the phones from Samsung; it can be assumed that processors of 64-bit might be introduced.

Memory War
Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a RAM of 4GB and the internal memory will be of 64 GB. Same will be the case in Note 4 that will also have a 4GB RAM and the internal memory will vary between 32 to 64 GB.
These are the anticipations from people using smart phones and any such news has not been confirmed by Samsung yet. These speculations can only be cleared after the devices go in the pipeline when many details will start emerging.


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