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Cox Unleashes The Trio Program Guide

If you love your daily dose of popcorn and a laugh or a thrill on television, if you wait all day so you can end the night with some relaxing TV watching then you might be overjoyed to find that Cox Communications has introduced something brand new to feed your love for the TV. Along with the newest Package that the company is now offering you, the Trio Program guide is something that you might be very excited to learn about which is going to help improve your TV watching experience in so many ways!

This guide is an interactive guide that will help you program your viewing of the television in any way that you want. This guide once accessed will help you choose what you want to watch by listing three panels for you browse through. One panel will list down all the channels that you can choose from. The second channel will list down all the programs that are available on the channel that you have picked and finally the last panel will give you a description and information on the program that you have selected.

However, this is not the only thing that you can do with the guide helping you, there is a lot of other browser related things that the guide can do, for instance find related shows for you with the one that you have already selected. This may include other shows with a similar theme in the same genre, or repeats or previous episodes of the same show or even timings for the upcoming shows etc. This guide is the feature that Cox Communications has added to their package to give their customers everything that they had ever wanted from their television. New customers will also be attracted to this highly interactive feature of the package.



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