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Cygnett Launches Weather-Proof Bike Mounts For Smartphones

It is good news for bike riders from the house of Cygnett, the leading international digital accessories brand. Cygnett has announced the launch of a new range of all-weather smart phone mounts for bikes. If this phone mount is on your bike, then you have the luxury of video-graphing your ride in real-time or can listen to the music while biking on your favorite terrain. With Cygnett bike mounts,your smartphone can do so much more, it is now your biking companion. Undeterred by the elements of nature, your phone will communicate, entertain and guide you on the go.


The Cygnett range of bike mounts include Bike Mount Universal I & II (for standard and large size smartphones), is priced at Rs. 3,999, and Bike mount specifically for iPhone (5&5S), are priced at Rs. 1,999, and cover most large and standard sized smartphone brands available. A key feature of these mounts is the easy installation and retrieval. The handlebar mount rotates 360° and attaches quickly to any bike.The iPhone mount is a hard casing with quick release mechanism, offers all round protection and the Universal mounts are easy to use mounts with zip closure mechanism and additional foam inserts to accommodate a wide range of models.


“Special care has been taken to make it simple and user friendly while designing these mounts. Cygnett bike mounts offer all weather protection to the gadget and also keep it live for use at any time. The touch-screen, navigation, music, entertainment and apps are all there waiting to be clicked and pressed into action. These mounts can be placed on the handle bars of both motorized and non-motorized bikes,” says Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA (Cygnett’s India partner), while announcing the launch of the bike mounts.


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