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Datawind Launches Three Budget PocketSurfer Smartphones

Datawind of cheap Aakash tablets fame, has announced today three budjet smartphones for the Indian market. These smartphones are – PocketSurfer 5X, PocketSurfer5, and PocketSurfer3G5. All the three  smartphones are Dual-Sim capable and sports 5 inch display. The PocketSurfer 5X runs on Linux OS whereas the PocketSurfer5 runs on Android Jelly Bean version 4.0 and the PocketSurfer3G5 is driven by Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS.


The entry-level device is the PocketSurfer 5X, which is priced at Rs.3, 499.   The second in the range is PocketSurfer5 and is priced at Rs 4,999. PocketSurfer5 offers the best of features on an Android Jelly Bean platform offering connectivity to internet through Wi-Fi and EDGE networks. The third and the final model in the range is the PocketSurfer3G5 priced at Rs 6,499. The PocketSurfer5 range offers users the ability to enjoy 3G mobile broadband high speed internet, HD Quality Video and mobile gaming experience.

Speaking on the launch, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DATAWIND said: “On the 10th Anniversary of DataWind’sPocketSurfer – the fastest internet device operating through a GSM SIM beating all other internet devises at that time in speed, we’re very excited to introduce these amazing new devices at unbelievably low prices. Intended to again create benchmarks in the smart phone category, DataWind’s new products break the affordability barriers of smartphones and bandwidth constraints of cellular networks to deliver calling facility and internet access to anybody who can afford a simple mobile phone.  Currently simple phones in the market cost as much as the smart phone on offer by DataWind.” “Our primary focus is to bridge the digital divide and deliver an affordable means of accessing the internet.  We want to be form-factor agnostic.  Globally the massive shift from feature phones to smartphones is being driven by the appetite to get on the internet.  We want to be the enabler.”

We reproduce below the detailed specifications of all the three PocketSurfer smartphones :



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