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Detel Launches Polymer Power Banks, Starting at Rs. 1499

Detel, known for economical feature phone, TV and Accessories, has launched today Polymer Power Bank range. Under this series, six power banks namely – Di-5K, Di-10K, Di-10K Pro, Di-10K Atom, Di-20K and Di-20K Pro have been launched which are priced at Rs. 1499, Rs.1999, Rs. 2399, Rs.2499, Rs.2999 and 3499/- respectively. These are available for purchase on the company’s website & mobile app and leading e-commerce portals – Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall.

Detel Polymer Power banks will be available in 5,000 mAH, 10,000mAh, and a massive 20,000mAh capacity, and are built using the highest quality Lithium Polymer cells. The products are suitable for various digital devices with DC 5V input such as Tablets, Smartphones, iPad, Camera, MP3, MP4 etc. These user-friendly power banks with a comfortable touch and feel are available in classic black and white colors. Detel’s Di-10K Pro and Di-20K Pro comes with in-built Cables for the customer convenience. The products are equipped with Micro processer controlled to auto adjust charging voltage current to suit the devices. The products also come with RISC microprocessor controlled for fast charging and enhanced battery life.

ModelDi-5K Di-10KDi-10K AtomDi-10K ProDi-20KDi-20K Pro
Charging typeType C, Micro USB, Lighting Micro USBType C, Micro USB, LightingType C, Micro USBMicro USB Type C, Micro USB
Battery5000 MAH 10000 MAH10000 MAH10000MAH20000 MAH20000 MAH
Output 1 Max USB5v/1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A
Output 2 Max USB5v/1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A
Output 3 Max USB5v/2.1A
Input Micro/Type C5v/1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A5v/2.1A
Input Lighting5v/1A5v/1.5A
Led DisplayAvailableAvailable


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