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Discounted PlayBook Tablet Sold Out In India, RIM Extends Festive Offer

Happy New Year to all our readers for reading this first blog of 2012. Cheerful news for Canadian company – Research In Motion (RIM) that within days of slashing prices of its PlayBook tablet by almost half in India, the device is sold out in retail outlets across the country, which has prompted it to extend the festive offer by a week.

“We are pleased to see the excitement and overwhelming response to our limited festive season offer on BlackBerry PlayBook. I believe that the 16-GB and 32-GB version of the PlayBook is completely sold out in the retail channels”, RIM Managing Director India Sunil Dutt  said.

It means that there is huge demand for tablets in India and buyers prefer economical tablets compared to expensive tablets of Samsung, Sony and other suppliers and iPad of Apple, which are in the range of approx. Rs. 30,000 plus. The buyers are not concerned on which platform the tablet is working; they are going by the price and this is the reason that RIM is able to sell its PlayBook tablet at discounted price.

RIM was facing piling up of large stock of its unsold PlayBook, which was not received well in US and they were left with no option but to sell after slashing its prices. Year 2012 will be the year of tablets and those vendors will get the lead, which are able to bring economically priced tablets. In my opinion, good tablet of  reputed vendor in the range of Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 15,000 on Android or Windows platform, can set the stage on fire.

Here, Nokia can take the lead, if they can come out with a tablet in the first quarter of 2012, in the price range of Rs. 15,000 unlike its Lumia smartphones, which are very high priced and that is one of the reasons for its jaded response in India. India is price-conscious market and for regaining the lost ground, Nokia can take its cue from this marketing gimmick of RIM to clear its unsuccessful PlayBook tablets. Market in India is huge and still untapped as far as tablets are concerned, only smart player with price advantage can eat the majority share of the cake.

Wait for sometime and see above wish being fulfilled!


  1. Playbook was not as successful as it was perceived to be – mainly because of its price and bashing in the media about RIM because of outages in services worldwide. In India also, it got good response once RIM slashed its price by half and now the offer has been extended for one more week. I am not fan of Apple products and do not like their policy to sell their products in India at higher prices compared to US prices. RIM has state of the art hardware and I have been using their BlackBerry smartphone for quite sometime and fully satisfied with the same. As far as Tablet market is concerned, time has come for all the vendors to reduce their prices to remain competitive. This is the reason that Motorola,Sony have reduced prices of its tablets. If grapevine is to be believed then Apple is going to introduce stripped down iPad in the price range of $ 299. This is the maximum price range which the customers will pay, now onwards for tablets

  2. This Article makes a sad attempt at bashing RIM when they have had success selling the playbook which is the best tablet on the market. I believed the American bashing media but when i got the playbook for christmas gift i was blowen away with how amazing the playbook is compared to my ipad which is a joke. The media lies about the playbook because its canadian. The truth about the playbook is coming out by word of mouth. I will now boycott the US and all their goods. Together the world can bring down the liar Americans. Shame on the US. LIARS


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