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EaseUS Todo Backup Free Cloning Software for Windows 10

Congratulations on updating to the latest Windows 10, but then herein lies the challenge for you. Software compatibility might be a pain point at the moment until everything is sorted out. Good luck to you then in your quest for a Windows 10 backup and restore solution or simply a ssd cloning software for that matter.


With all things being equal, EaseUS Todo Backup Free is quite easily the best solution for all of your backup, disk clone and disaster recovery. What is even better is that, it is absolutely free. By using this windows 10 backup and restore solution, at least you got your backs covered in case anything goes wrong.

If you also had just bought a newer and faster solid state disk, then you should know that a good and reliable ssd cloning software is hard to come by. At least by using this windows 10 backup and restore solution, you can start using your brand new ssd in mere minutes. Gone are the days where you had to format, partition, install windows, install drivers and then proceed to install your favorite applications before you can start using it. You would probably spend hours even a few days just to complete everything.

A smarter way would be to use this windows 10 backup and restore solution and proceed with the ssd cloning software to minimize a lot of things. You will surely appreciate what it can do for you, which is worth much more than a paid application.

Other features that is available is Disk/Partition Backup. Using this feature, you can back up entire disks, partitions, GPT disks to an image with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup or using a scheduler to automate the backup process.

Then there’s the File Backup where you can specify what are the files, folders or file types that you only want to perform the backup on. This will include files such as your documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos and financial files.

This windows 10 backup and restore solution also provides you with a System Backup whereby using its one-click backup system without even interrupting your work. It will run on the background and it won’t cause any downtime as well.

Finally there’s the Disk Clone where this ssd cloning software will help you to migrate or copy all the data to your newer hard drive or solid state drive without having to reinstall everything all over again.

Who says that free things aren’t good? With EaseUS Todo Backup Free, you get all the best things in life by becoming the windows 10 backup and restore solution of choice for all your ssd cloning software needs – and so much more.


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