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Eureka Forbes Launches Zero Bend Range of Vacuum Cleaners in India

Eureka Forbes has introduced a first of its kind Zero-bend, Upright and Multifunctional range of vacuum cleaners in India in partnership with Bissell, the number one brand in the world. These are premium range of vacuum cleaners and come in four models – Mop and Vac, Steristeam, Kordfree and Spot Eraser. These are well crafted, aesthetically designed, versatile and equipped with the zero-bend feature to enhance the cleaning experience, satisfy multifarious cleaning needs, provide the required comfort whilst being exceedingly easy to use for all demographics.

Mop and Vac is a multi-function 3-in-1 machine that eliminates the cleaning steps and tools normally used around your home. The machine washes and dries any tiles, marble, carpets, hardwood et al, in one easy step and comes with a self-cleaning mechanism where the unique brush roll scrubs and washes floors for a deeper clean and does not put out dirty water back on the floor again.

Kordfree is lightweight convertible multi surface vacuum cleaner which can be converted into a handheld cordless one as well. The machine has up to 95 minutes of continuous cordless power and rapid charge technology.

Spot Eraser is a portable handheld washer that cleans spots, spills and stains as they happen on soft surfaces. With a 30 min run-time, the Stain Eraser is a perfect grab and go portable carpet washer that cleans spots, spills and stains.

Steri Steam is 2 in 1 Steam mop and handheld steamer. With the power of steam, it eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It is eco-friendly as no chemical usage is involved.

All vaccum cleaners are priced between INR 8,000 to INR 20,000 and will be sold through the sales network of Eureka Forbes across all cities in the country.


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