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Free Calling & Messenger App “LINE” Launched In India

Japanese internet company, LINE Corporation which is just two years old, has announced the launch of its popular global messenger application in India, LINE – a free calling and messaging app.

Line is a mobile messenger service capable of various types of communication with free call, voice chat and sticker chat. Available on both smartphones and PCs across multiple carriers and operating systems including iOS, Android, Nokia Asha, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac. LINE messenger app comes packed with new features and functionality for a truly connected experience.

One of the main reasons why LINE is growing so rapidly compared to other major messenger apps is its stickers function. It is extremely well-received by users as they can send large-sized character pictures with the tap of a finger, thereby providing a simple, casual and exciting way to express their emotions. The sticker characters, include LINE’s original characters and a variety of famous characters such as Disney, Hello Kitty and Ironman, are especially loved among the Asian youth, sparking LINE’s growth in many regions.

Elaborating on the India launch, Akira Morikawa, CEO, LINE Corporation, said, “LINE has grown at a tremendous speed to reach more than 180 million in only 23 months after its launch. Today, it delivers 5 billion calls and messages across the world on its network per day. In fact, LINE is amongst a few services globally which has received an enthusiastic response by young generation in many countries in such a short period”.

Line has already achieved over 180 million registered users across 230 countries. LINE has already become popular messenger app in Asia with Japan having more than 45 million users, Taiwan and Thailand holding more than 15 million users respectively and 10 million users in Indonesia. LINE’s popularity is going beyond Asia with Spain now claiming more than 10 million users and South American countries such as Mexico and Argentine also witnessing significant registrations.

Going forward, with its fast paced growth in overseas markets and expanding user base, LINE will further add new features and improve the usability of its service, with the aim to become the most preferred communication platform for consumers globally. LINE will also launch fun stickers that will suit the Indian sensibilities in the near future.

To promote its new service, LINE has launched a brand marketing campaign through a series of TV commercials targeted at the Indian youth,with two very interesting advertisements highlighting the ‘group voice chat’ and ‘sticker’ features.

LINE TVC India -Free Voice App- 40sec.: http://youtu.be/4iConkhMBPQ

LINE TVC India -Sticker Communication- 40sec: http://youtu.be/l_TmU-dBp0c


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