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Galaxy Note 3 Vs LG G2 – Multi-Tasking Features Showdown

I have been using Galaxy Note 3 for quite some time now. And needless to say I have been really impressed with the multi-tasking capabilities the device provides. Listed below are top 5 comparisons comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 purely on their respective multi-tasking functions.

1. S-Pen vs Finger Touch

The biggest advantage Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has over LG G2 or any other device for that matter is the presence of multi-functional S-Pen. Samsung has bettered S-Pen with each iteration of Galaxy Note series and the most recent i.e Note 3 serves a number of purposes. Precise handwriting recognition, pressure sensing, Action Memo are some of the added features that make S-Pen useful.

Note 3 Air Command Preview

LG G2 on the other doesn’t have this added advantage. As a matter of fact the handwriting recognition in LG’s in-house keyboard is in tatters.

Reason number 1 to adore Note 3 – S-Pen!

2. Multi-Window vs QSlide

Multi-Window is one feature of Samsung because of which I hesitated to switch over to CyanogenMod. It’s useful, practical and just works. With Galaxy Note 3’s magnanimous 5.7″ inch screen display, Multi-Window enables you to fully use the entire screen real estate. Result being increased productivity and lesser time wasted in switching between applications. Moreover Note 3 is smart enough to remember what all applications you opened in Multi-Window mode and allows you to quickly switch between them as well!

Galaxy Note 3 Multi Window

LG G2 on the contrary has tried to step up multi-tasking with the inclusion of QSlide. Now in plain simple terms there’s just no match of Multi-Window mode and QSlide. QSlide does try to increase productivity by allowing user to open one application over another (overlay) but it’s severely limited to those supported by LG itself.

LG G2 UI QSlide

Reason number 2 to opt for Note 3 – Multi-Window.

3. Content Drag ‘n’ Drop vs Text Link

Samsung Note 3 has 2 alternative for sharing content amongst applications without manually copying and pasting (very basic android functionality) viz. Content Drag and Drop and Action Memo. LG G2 does offer the same functionality as that of Action Memo with Text Link feature.

Galaxy Note 3 Action Memo

However, Samsung Note 3 has again gone one step ahead and spruced up content sharing by introducing Handwriting recognition in Action Memo and more than just text sharing (also includes image, video) in Content Drag n Drop in Multi-Window mode. Without much thinking Note 3 clearly nails G2.

Reason 3 to love Note 3 – Pumped up content sharing.

4. Sidebar menu vs Slide Aside

Android does offer integrated application switching for easier multi-tasking. To make things even more easier and for faster app switching, both Samsung and LG have gone ahead and included their own particular way of getting to apps quickly. For Samsung it is the Sidebar menu which does the job and for LG it’s the Slide Aside.

Galaxy Note 3 Sidebar Menu

Former is more of icon drag and drop case whereas latter relies on 3 finger gesture. Even though limited to selected applications, I have enjoyed Sidebar and have seen myself using it more often than not. Whereas Slide Aside, though a good concept is severely limited in terms of number of applications you can switch (limited to 3), gesture sensitivity. Add to it, if you click on home-screen button then even the history of 3 saved applications is lost. Meh.

LG G2 UI Slide Aside

Reason number 4 citing Note 3 as the big daddy – Sidebar Menu.

5. Knox vs Guest Mode

For business users, this is going to be a deciding factor for sure. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has Knox pre-installed which allows business users to use it as a business devices as well (BYOD). For the causal user, Knox lets you create a more personal space within your device. This is insanely useful for both business users as well as regular users.

Samsung Knox

LG G2 on the other hand has a Guest Mode which allows un-recognized users access to only selected applications. Useful in a certain sense but with Note 3 carrying BYOD tag and KNOX gaining certain traction in industry. Galaxy Note 3 again scores.

Last and most important reason to buy Note 3 – Samsung Knox.

My Experience Performing Multi-Tasking On Note 3


  1. I’d give points to G2 for unibody design and full glass front but yes Note 3 with massive screen, leathery back (looks premium) and metallic finish on front is a steal 😉


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