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Go Contract Free With Straight Talk Wireless – Spend Less, Get More!

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Making a choice between a contract phone and no contract phone can be a difficult one. There are advantages attached to both of them, on one hand you can get hold of a device of your choice without paying the full price at once and on other you have to freedom of switching any carrier at any point of time. In this article though, I’ll stick to discussing about going with a no contract phone and getting maximum bang for the buck with Straight Talk Wireless!

StraightTalk Wireless

Coming straight to the point, Straight Talk Wireless offers nationwide, obligation free service plans with the possibility of saving up-to 50% on certain plans. One of the more popular plans offered is the $45 per month plan including 3 GB of high-speed data (4G LTE complaint), unlimited minutes (nationwide) and unlimited texts (nationwide). Another interesting advantage is the possibility of transferring your existing number to Straight Talk Wireless network at no extra charge. Comparing this plan with alternatives, it does indeed offer a lot more than similar priced plans. Apart from this a number of other plans are also available as shown below.

StraightTalk Wireless Service Plans

Purchasing and activating a Straight Talk Wireless service plan is as easy as it gets. You have 2 options to buy, from Walmart or from Straight Talk Wireless directly. Once you choose the mode of purchase, you’ll then have to buy either an AT&T or T-mobile compatible SIM or an Activation Kit for other operators (each of these cost $0.99 additionally), along with the service plan. The last step is to activate the SIM card (and/or transfer your number) by either calling the designated number or following the steps given on their portal. That’s pretty much about it!
If in case you do not want to take advantage of their Bring Your Own Phone program then there is also an option of buying the same smart-phones and iPhones you want to buy, on the same network you are want to be with, but without the over-priced plan. If you are buying a phone from Straight Talk Wireless then in that case you’ll still have to purchase a service plan and activate the SIM card.

Here’s a short video describing how Straight Talk Wireless works and what it offers.

You can learn more about the plans they have to offer and the phones you can buy by visiting the dedicated Walmart listing page – Walmart Straight Talk Wireless Page or their official website – Straight Talk Wireless

Note – The services are available only in United States of America and so is their coverage area i.e. within US only.

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