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Good News For Heavy Drinkers, Wear A Simple Patch – Avoid Hangover!

Come festival season and majority of us are in celebration mood and if you love your drinks then you need not worry about hangovers any more. You can gulp as many drinks as you like in the evening and still be able to resume your normal work the next day.

According to Daily Mail, an American hangover ‘cure’ is available that  claims to be second only to an ‘intravenous stuck in your arm’. The Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch, invented  by the U.S. plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Leonard Grossman, has gone on  sale in the UK following its launch in New York late last year. The patch  replenishes the vitamins and acids lost when consuming alcohol – in the same way  that the intravenous ‘party drip’ vitamin injections made famous by Rihanna  earlier this year.

Users are instructed to attach the patch anywhere on their body 45 minutes before  drinking and leave it on until the next day or about eight hours after they  finish drinking.

Firebox, which is selling the patch in the UK,  says on its website: ‘The rationale for this ‘game changing’ body patch is to  stop hangovers before they start. Firebox is selling the Bytox hangover cure for £12.99 for five or £19.99 for 10 – but they say shoppers must still drink responsibly.

‘Easily applied, it is infused with a  powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which are absorbed whilst  imbibing, meaning a faster recovery time. American inventor Dr Leonard Grossman  claims ‘only an intravenous stuck in your arm while drinking could be more  effective than a Bytox patch’.’ It adds: ‘It won’t, however, prevent you  getting drunk and definitely won’t prevent embarrassing and/or regrettable  behaviour.’

According to Firebox- ‘if the patch means more productivity at  work the next day then bingo, we’re not only helping cure hangovers but we’re  helping the economy too.’

So pre-order this Preventive Patch and enjoy your festival parties if you suffer from morning after feeling! 


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