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Google And Samsung Rumored To Move To Cloud Space

As per reports appearing in various websites, Google and Samsung are ready to move into cloud space and will launch their Google  Drive and Samsung its S-Cloud. This service is designed to directly compete against the likes of Apple’s iCloud. Both the cloud based services will be launched in London on 3rd May, 2012 to coincide with launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone – Galaxy S III.

The much anticipated Google Drive is expected to  offer users 5 gigabytes of storage for free, according to a  report. Another site  reports that Google Drive will work “in desktop folders” on Mac and Windows computers.

Another report surfaced, which says that Samsung is about to launch its own cloud service to rival Apple’s iCloud next month. According to the Verge, Korean site Maeil Business claims that Samsung will introduce the S-Cloud service at its May 3, 2012 press event. Samsung is said to be offering more than 5 gigabytes, but whether that’s to be paid or free is unclear. It further added that there won’t be the same kind of content storage restrictions that are on iCloud.

Samsung had shown off its “allshare,” which enables remote access to music, movies and pictures either from their home network or from copies stored online, at CES in January.

Some reports have even suggested that Samsung delayed launching the product because it couldn’t find a suitable storage partner for a global market. Maeil Business reports that it has approached  Microsoft to assist in building out the infrastructure for S-Cloud.

But the reports are still unconfirmed and have been gathered from unreliable sources. The specifications of cloud service given by various reports are still rumors and everything will become crystal clear on 3rd May when the cloud service is rumored to be show cased in London. Wait and watch out for 3rd May, 2012!


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